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We were enjoying an afternoon ocean walk on a glorious autumn day when I called out “I’ll race you to that big rock” to our young girls who were walking slightly ahead of me and my friend.

Running toward them the girls had already begun to sprint toward the rock keen to beat me to it.  As they sensed me gaining on them they tried to speed up with the end result of all of us arriving at the big rock at around the same time.  Out of breath and laughing we debated on who the winner was.

My friend didn’t participate in the great race but continued to walk behind us.  As she made her way to our little group she said to me in a very serious and concerned tone “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  I could see everything jiggle when you were running.”  Wearing a black pair of gym tights and t-shirt I was taken aback by her comment.

In a moment of exhilaration and joy she felt the need to bring my attention to my seemingly inadequate body.  I had no reply.  What was I to say, apologise that my jiggly bum had offended her in some way.  For a few moments I felt a pang of embarrassment and humiliation.  Taking a deep breath in I chose not to let her comment get to me. I’d enjoyed the sprint and I would have done it again knowing that my bits jiggled.

I had a choice to feel bad or to continue to enjoy the day and that was a turning point for me. Once upon a time I would have taken such a comment to heart.  People may judge, comment or be cruel, knowingly or unknowingly but I had to learn not let another person’s opinion of me bring me down.  I’d done that for way too long.

My bits jiggle when I run but that ain’t going to stop me from running. Just as my face has lines on it when I smile but I won’t stop smiling.

The key is choice!  I choose to love me and my jiggly self.

It brought to mind a story a friend shared with me about a time she was lunching with a friend when they happened to see a woman they recognised from school.  Her friend commented on how terrible the woman looked.  “Her husband committed suicide a few months ago, she’s gone through a devastating time” my friend replied jumping to the woman’s defence, disappointed that her friend was being so scathing and insensitive. Her friend replied “She looks older than us”.

Rosemary Sherro “The Key For Me”  

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