Nyepi Day

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Nyepi, Balinese New Year – A Special Key

Balinese A special key: Our visit to Bali happened to coincide with the Balinese New Year called Nyepi.  Nyepi Day is a Day of Silence. On the eve of Nyepi Day when “Ogoh Ogoh”, giant paper and bamboo puppets symbolising evil spirits are paraded around the streets before being burnt to ashes.  It is symbolic of slaying […] Read more…

Bali, Resplendent Sojourn at the Alila Resort

Bali  – Resplendent Sojourn at the Alila Resort Sitting poolside of the luxury five-star resort watching crystal blue waves rolling into shore is the last place I thought I’d find myself to be three weeks earlier. Yet here I am stretched out on a sun lounge with nothing to have to do other than be.  To just […] Read more…

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