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Improve your Health & Wellness

How to Improve your Health and Wellness Easily and Effortlessly. Most of us are busy all the time. We are living at a fast paced and are constantly bombarded with things we have to do, places we need to be, feeling overburdened, stressed-out with our never ending to do lists. Balancing family/friends and work commitments is making […] Read more…

Find Calm with meditation

Power of Gratitude

Living with a teenager, guided meditation

Living with a teenager

Living with a teenager, something drastically changed earlier in the year when my little girl started high school. She turned into some new creature that rolls her eyes at everything I say and do. Seemingly overnight I’ve become an embarrassment to her.  My dress sense is criticised, I lack understanding, am accused of being mean, and am […] Read more…

How to help your child with Separation anxiety

How to help your child with Separation anxiety Both my children suffered terribly from separation anxiety. I read lots tried everything and then finally spoke to a child psychologist. It is natural for young children to feel anxious when saying goodbye but my kids were always crying and having tantrums. Even when reassured that separation […] Read more…

heal your broken heart

How To Move on After a Relationship

When what was wasn’t… After speaking to a friend who has recently come out of a marriage I recognised both her clarity and confusion as she came to terms with the fact that she couldn’t see things for what they were when they were happening. Those redefining moments when you discover the missing piece of the […] Read more…

Mindfulness mediation by Rosemary Sherro

Mindfulness – What is the buzz all about?

Mindfulness and Meditation Made Easy   Mindfulness Meditation what is the buzz all about. Mindfulness…It might seem like the buzz word at the moment but it’s certainly not a new concept.  Being aware and conscious of our thoughts is necessary to living harmonious healthy lives as well as creating a harmonious healthy world.  It all […] Read more…

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