How To Make Your Dreams Come true

Attachment Theory

I am studying Postive Psychiatry at Sydney University and learning about the Theory of Attachment. Psychologist  John Bowlby was the first to coin the term Attachment Theory. Children need care from their caregiver and without this care, their physical health and mental health can be affected. Types of Attachment: Secure Anxious-resistant Anxious-avoidant Disorganised – may have […] Read more…

You will not find the light by studying the dark.

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“Stop Thinking Start Living” by Richard Carlson

I have just finished reading “Stop Thinking Start Living” by Richard Carlson. This book is a must-read for when you are feeling blue. The teachings in the book can instantly change your mindset. I believe many people could benefit from this book I have briefly summarised the main points, as I believe the common-sense strategies […] Read more…

Swap your bad habits for new healthy ones.

The Key for Me  We are living in a hectic fast-paced world and are constantly bombarded with things we have to do, places we need to be, feeling overburdened with our never-ending to-do lists. Balancing family and work commitments never-ending making us feel stressed and anxious. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, get stuck in old patterns […] Read more…