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  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relieve Depression
  • Sleep better
  • Develop confidence & a growth mindset
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • End Addictions

Self-Hypnosis & Guided Meditation Programs 

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Clarifying  – Mini Meditation This guided visualisation journey will help you settle, cleanse, and clarify your mind. Uplift – Mini Meditation Ideal for those days that you feel in need of an energy boost. Breath Focus – Mini Meditation – FREE Great to do anytime you feel the need to reset and refocus. Get Centred – Mini Meditation  Feeling unmotivated this is the meditation for you. Earth Breathing – Mini Meditation If you’re feeling exhausted and need a quick pick-me-up. Into The Void – Mini Meditation Journey deep within yourself to experience a place of pure being and bliss. Floating into Relaxation – Meditation – FREE Duration: 21:42 Ideal to use when you’re having trouble falling asleep and also for those days when you need to unwind and slow down. Mind Declutter Meditation This meditation helps you break free from limiting mental loops, clear your mind, and open you to higher thoughts and potentials. Cocoon of SilenceMeditation You will be taken on a deeply comforting and soothing journey helping you to tap into the healing energies that reside within you. Awakening (Your Life Force) – Meditation This meditation journey will guide you in connecting and igniting the creative life force from within to promote vitality and healing. Cloud of Love – Meditation Being bombarded by another person’s negativity can have a major impact on your sense of wellbeing.  This meditation will help you reconsolidate your energy and find that place of inner peace. Decluttering – Meditation If you want to open to new thoughts and let go of old mental habits this is the meditation for you. Move Beyond – Mini Meditation Duration: 15:23 Categories: stress management, relaxation, motivational Whenever you’re feeling stressed, stuck or frustrated and need to shift your perspective give this meditation a go.  Deeply relaxing, it will help you move beyond limiting thoughts and feelings as your awareness expands to the infinite possibilities within you and around you. Ocean Consciousness – Meditation A powerful meditation journey opening your consciousness to the natural forces within and around you promoting a sense of connection and heightened awareness. Healing Temple – Hypnosis You will be guided to a sacred healing temple where every part of your being will be nourished and cared for as you open to the innate power of your womanhood. Letting Go – Meditation This journey will help you let go of the part of you that is holding you back from embracing the life you desire. Nurturing A Broken Heart – Hypnosis When you’ve got a broken heart it’s hard to believe that you’ll ever feel good again, you are however designed to heal. Quit Smoking – Hypnosis Make your mind your ally leading you to a healthy vital (smoking free) life. Quit Sugar – Hypnosis  Kiss those sugar cravings goodbye with the reinforcement of this dynamic hypnosis, changing your sugar mindset to a healthy eating mindset. Reclaiming Yourself – Meditation If you are finding it hard to move on from a past relationship this meditation is for you. Self-forgiveness – Meditation This journey guides you through a process of Self-forgiveness, freeing you to lovingly accept yourself fully and unconditionally. meditation, guided meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis