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Hypnobirthing Australia is a complete childbirth education program design for Australian mothers and their birth partners. Hypnobirthing Australia teaches mothers and birth partners techniques for a calm and positive birth.

The course will teach you self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques. These techniques with supporting you to reduce stress hormones to help you manage pain and achieve a most positive calm birth experience.

The techniques can be used before and during the birth and will benefit both the mum and dad.

Course Units 

  1. Creating and maintaining a positive mindset
  2. Choices, knowledge and tools for empowering
  3. Preparing mind and body for birth
  4. Bringing it all together

Classes can be attended at any stage through pregnancy. Group workshops and private classes are available. The techniques taught are simple and straightforward and are easy to learn.

For more information contact

Eugenie Pepper mob. 0412 352 429


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