Find Calm with meditation

Counselling & Coaching

Counselling can help by working through problems in a positive way, to clarify issues, explore options, think things through, desire your goals, develop strategies and move towards positive change. Solution Focused Therapy is a short term goal focused approached. It incorporates positive psychology principles and practices. It helps the client to focus on solutions rather then focus on problems. Client usually only need 5-6 session. 
  • Focus on what can be changed and possible
  • Clients must want to change
  • Clients have the resources & solutions and know how to achieve them
  • Focus on strengths

Mindset & Wellbeing coaching

Happiness is a state of mind and is not created by our circumstances. We can develop positive habits, break down the barriers that stop us. We can enhance our positive emotions to help us be more resilient, optimistic, and live happier lives. We can contribute to our own mental health and improve our wellbeing.

You are in control of your own happiness

Principals of Positive Psychology

Things science is showing can improve our mood and lead to a happier life are the following:
  • Cultivating an attitude of gratitude, “counting your blessings”
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Savouring the moment
  • Goals – finding meaning by having a purpose in life
  • Exercise makes us feel good
  • Resilience
  • Kindness, acts of kindness promote happiness
  • Positive relationships and connections with friends and family
  • Good sleep
  • Nutrition & healthy gut
  • Deliberate breathing, breathing slowly and fully down to our bellies
  • Positive emotions and optimism
  • Flow
  • Character strengths
  • Growth mindset
  • Positive Habits
  • Positive Emotions
  • Positive Relationships
  • Choice
  • Optimism
What we think will make us happy in life is an illusion. It is not a new job, more money, a better house. The things science has proven that will make us happy and improve our well-being are the things that come from within ourselves. It is not enough to know these things we all need to practice and make them part of our daily habits. We can support you to apply these things into your life, either with one on one coaching, hypnotherapy, and counselling or try our app the “Key for Me” and make a positive change in your life today.  Learn how you can apply the scientific findings to increase your wellbeing and emotional health. Our methods are derived from current research in positive psychology and neuroscience.  Scientific findings show that having motivation and commitment to take control of your wellbeing is a crucial part of achieving your goals and increasing your happiness. Research suggests that 40% of happiness is determined by intentional activities. Develop techniques to stop your negative thinking that undermines your resilience and optimism. Negative thinking depletes us, learn to develop the tools to challenge negative thoughts and emotions. The science is now catching up with the wisdom of grandma, counting your blessing is shown to increase your mood and wellbeing. Benefits of positive emotions:
  • Live longer
  • Better mental & physical health
  • Improved performance
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater persistence
  • Less procrastination
  • Confidence
  • Vitality
  • Higher self-esteem

The “Key for Me” is easy to use and available on the app store.

All our programs are deeply calming and relaxing and will help you manage stress. If you choose to do a program last thing at night to help you sleep, use the Sleep option, simply tap the pillow icon to “Sleep through”. To extend your program for a longer meditation tap the alarm clock icon to “Set wake time”.

Meditation can improve your wellbeing and life in so many ways.

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  • Increase happiness and confidence
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Sleep better & overcome insomnia
  • Increase creativity and develop a growth mindset
  • Improve your health
  • Overcome phobias
  • Break Bad Habit such as stop smoking and make healthier choices

Program Descriptions

Clarifying  – Mini Meditation Duration 12:11 minutes Category: energising and calming For those times that your mind is feeling foggy, overwhelmed or out of control give this meditation a go.  This guided visualisation journey will help you settle, cleanse and clarify your mind.  Ideal to do during a busy workday. Uplift – Mini Meditation Duration 11:35 Categories: energising, stress management, calming Suitable for children Ideal for those days that you feel in need of an energy boost.  This meditation journey will help you gather your energies to re-energise, refresh and reset. An invigorating meditation helping you dislodge and release any heavy stagnant energy from your body and mind.  Breath Focus – Mini Meditation – FREE Duration 11:54 Categories: breathing exercises, focus, calming A short meditation using the simple technique of focusing on your breathing to promote mental and physical relaxation.  An ideal meditation to do if you find visualisation a struggle.  Great to do anytime you feel the need to reset and refocus. Get Centred – Mini Meditation  Duration: 8:03 Categories: grounding, motivational, helps focus When you’re feeling scattered, don’t know what to do next or feeling unmotivated this is the meditation for you.  This meditation guides you to the center of your mind so that you can experience a more focused, clear and calm state of being. Earth Breathing – Mini Meditation Duration 11:21 Categories: energising, grounding, helps focus If you’re feeling exhausted, run-down or need a quick pick me up take a few minutes to do this short meditation.  You will be guided to connecting with vital earth energies to cleanse and re-energise every part of your being.  Also great for those days that you’re feeling scattered and ungrounded. Into The Void – Mini Meditation Duration: 14:26 Categories: deeply relaxing and calming Journey deep within yourself to experience a place of pure being and bliss.  This meditation guides you into a state of lightness and expansion as you open to the sacred void from which everything is created and connected.  Ideal if you’d like to experience a deep meditative state of awakening. Floating into Relaxation – Meditation – FREE Duration: 21:42 Categories: calming, stress-management, sleep aid A lovely relaxing meditation that gently guides you into drifting into a state of deep inner peace and calm.  Ideal to use when you’re having trouble falling asleep and also for those days when you need to unwind and slow down. Mind Declutter Meditation Duration 23:36 Category: stress management, positivity This meditation helps you break free from limiting mental loops, clear your mind and open you to higher thoughts and potentials.  The power of your mind is infinite but more often than not we get caught up in small mental matters.  If you want to explore and expand your mind take the time for this journey. Your mind matters! Cocoon of SilenceMeditation Duration 16.12 minutes Category: relaxation, healing Recommended for children A beautiful nurturing meditation guiding you to a healing mountain cave.  When you feel the need to switch off from the world, unwind and relax try out this meditation journey.  You will be taken on a deeply comforting and soothing journey helping you to tap into the healing energies that reside within you. Awakening (Your Life Force) – Meditation Duration 21:40 minutes Category: relaxation, healing, motivation This meditation journey will guide you in connecting and igniting the creative life force from within to promote vitality and healing.  We recommend doing this journey when you’re feeling lethargic, unwell or disenchanted.  It will guide you in awakening the inner force that supports and sustains your body, mind, and soul. Cloud of Love – Meditation Duration: 18:40 minutes Categories: relationships, dealing with difficult people This meditation journey will help you release abusive or negative energies directed to you from another person.  Being bombarded by another person negativity can have a major impact on your sense of wellbeing.  This meditation will help you reconsolidate your energy and find that place of inner peace. Decluttering – Meditation Duration 23:36 Categories: relaxation, stress management Are you mindful or is your mind just full?  This meditation will help you become aware of where your mind is at and help you be conscious of how you are directing your thoughts so that you decide what you think instead of being taken on a mental ride. If you want to open to new thoughts and let go of old mental habits this is the meditation for you. Move Beyond – Mini Meditation Duration: 15:23 Categories: stress management, relaxation, motivational Whenever you’re feeling stressed, stuck or frustrated and need to shift your perspective give this meditation a go.  Deeply relaxing, it will help you move beyond limiting thoughts and feelings as your awareness expands to the infinite possibilities within you and around you. Ocean Consciousness – Meditation Duration 21:42 Categories: deeply relaxing, calming As you merge with the natural and powerful forces of the ocean you will be guided to connect with the inner currents and depth of your being.  A powerful meditation journey opening your consciousness to the natural forces within and around you promoting a sense of connection and heightened awareness.  If you have an affinity with the ocean, you’ll love diving into this meditation. Healing Temple – Hypnosis Duration 24:33 Categories: relaxation, healing, Recommended for women A beautiful meditation journey for women. You will be guided to a sacred healing temple where every part of your being will be nourished and cared for as you open to the innate power of your womanhood.  Ideal for when you are in need of some sweet soul healing and TLC. Letting Go – Meditation Duration 20:32 Categories: relationships, stress management, inspirational This journey will help you let go of the part of you that is holding you back from embracing the life you desire. Holding onto pain, suffering, limiting ideas and old grievances keep us stuck in old patterns. Letting go of the old so that you can make room for the new is essential in moving forward.  An inner clean up to welcome and breath in a new beginning. Nurturing A Broken Heart – Hypnosis Duration 20:00 Category: Relationships, Relaxation, Healing When you’ve got a broken heart it’s hard to believe that you’ll ever feel good again, you are however designed to heal.  Through this gentle journey, you will tap into the nurturing forces of your heart to help you move through and beyond the pain carrying you back to wholeness.  A broken heart can lead to great personal transformation. Quit Smoking – Hypnosis Duration: 29:04 Categories: health, motivation This powerful hypnosis program speaks directly to your subconscious mind to help you kick smoking once and for all. The power lies within you. Make your mind your ally leading you to a healthy vital (smoking free) life. Quit Sugar – Hypnosis Duration 21:40 Categories: health, motivation Kiss those sugar cravings goodbye with the reinforcement of this dynamic hypnosis, changing your sugar mindset to a healthy eating mindset.  This program will help you be in complete control of what you eat so that you can embrace a healthy life. Reclaiming Yourself – Meditation Duration 23:36 Categories: relationships, healing, motivation If you are finding it hard to move on from a past relationship this meditation is for you.  Even though you’ve moved on physically, you may still feel that parts of you are stuck in the dynamics of past relationship limiting your ability to be in the present and fully heal.  It’s time to reclaim those parts so you can truly open to love again. Self-forgiveness – Meditation Duration 26:48 Category: healing, relaxing, motivation, releasing negativity Guilt, shame, regret, and inner criticism are heavy burdens we carry that prevent us from living the lives we are meant to live. This journey guides you through a process of Self-forgiveness, freeing you to lovingly accept yourself fully and unconditionally. meditation, guided meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave