Hi Genie,  I want to send you shining feedback. I am deeply impressed with your counselling. Along with your demonstrated ability with ( successful ) hypnotherapy that I believe puts you in a league of your own. I find you to be amazingly gifted and more than happy sharing your knowledge. I agree with every word of your clients’ feedback that I’ve read. It is my opinion that you are certainly a fine example of someone being the best at what they do. You’re a born healer…Shaun

After only a few Hypnosis sessions I had incredible results, Eugenie has helped me overcome anxiety and negative thinking patterns. I now have a more confident mindset and the negative thoughts and self-doubt are gone, I am calm, I am happy, I feel strong and so positive about my future. Eugenie has a natural calming manner and was able to intuitively tap into my subconscious, she has a genuine passion for helping people to achieve their full potential. I highly recommend Eugenie to anyone who is ready and willing to help themselves and considering hypnotherapy. Lauren

I have been seeing Eugenie on a professional basis for nearly two months. Besides having support while having Cancer treatment which lasted for six of those weeks, l was hoping to change my mindset. I can highly recommend Eugenie as a counsellor and life coach & facilitator of mindfulness & hypnosis. She is a good listener and is intelligent and kind. It only took a couple of sessions for me to feel totally comfortable with her, and can say that my level of positivity & my ability to cope have improved much more than l expected, in such a short time. I will continue to see Eugenie, as I consider her to genuinely care about her clients and their well-being. Jonathan

When my cousin Eugenie told me she’d become a hypnotist I thought “oh yeah” and I humoured her by giving her a session. But as usual, life is full of surprises and strangely she was truly a great hypnotist and whilst I can’t really go into the content – I just wanted to say – if you have mental obstacles you want to navigate through – I encourage you to reach out. Smoking, addiction, job stress, marital pressure, kids, finance …. she’s good and she is not expensive and most of all – she exudes warmth and empathy. Call her on +61412352429 to see if she can help you. Nicholas

My sessions with Eugenie have helped me break blockages both with unleashing my creativity and letting go of a negative relationship. Through working with Eugenie I now am about to launch my textile collection and currently in a beautiful new relationship. Eddie