Randwick Hypnotherapy Sydney

My name is Eugenie Pepper and I’m the co-founder of Key Hypnotherapy and Key Mindfulness and an expert in psychotherapy based addiction treatment.

Based in Randwick, with a positive focus on psychology and hypnotherapy, my programs blend together cognitive-behavioural therapy tools, hypnosis, and habit reversal training, to create long-lasting transformation.

By combining these strategies, we engage both the subconscious and the conscious brain which allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly shift patterns that hold you back.

Self-Hypnosis & Meditation App

The “Key for Me” is easy to use and available on the app store.

All our programs are deeply calming and relaxing and will help you manage stress.

If you choose to do a program last thing at night to help you sleep, use the Sleep option, simply tap the pillow icon to “Sleep through”.

To extend your program for a longer meditation tap the alarm clock icon to “Set wake time