We ask people who inspire us what is the key for them?

Carlo Napolitano “Don’t worry about failing, worry about not trying”

Carlo Napolitano, CEO of Castle Debt Solutions. Who are you?  My name is Carlo Napolitano, I live in Menai, Sutherland Shire and I am the proud Father to Ava (20 mths). Tell us about what you do? I have my own business called Castle Debt Solutions. I work with clients to find them a solution to […] Read more…

Georgina Kar | Personal Stylist | Image Consultant |

Who are you? I am a Personal stylist | Image consultant Tell us about your business. I work with individuals who want to finesse their professional look or give a chic edge to their out-of-hours wardrobe. Someone going through a life transition who needs a new look, wardrobe detox, or even has a b’day coming up and needs to […] Read more…

Brooke Cefai Wellbeing

Tell us about your business or creative pursuits?  I founded Brooke Cefai Wellbeing after 15+ years working in government and community welfare/counselling roles where I was witness to a great deal of suffering & trauma. I decided I wanted to create a service that not only catered to women’s psychological & emotional needs but also […] Read more…

Adrienne Johnston Freelancer Foundry

Adrienne Johnston – Freelancer Foundry 

Hi there! My name is Adrienne and I am a mother, wife, and freelance presentation designer. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I L-O-V-E to laugh! Tell us about your business? Freelancer Foundry  helps skilled professionals learn how to create and build a profitable freelancing business with short-term strategies like leveraging freelancer platforms and online […] Read more…

Dijanna Mulhearn

Dijanna Mulhearn Sestre The label

"Amber Daines"

Amber Daines Bespoke Communications

Who are you?  Amber Daines Ungar Communications obsessive would be the most succinct title! I wear many professional hats so to speak – media trainer, communications coach, presenter, podcaster and author. For 11 years I have worked for myself launching Bespoke Communications as a PR agency. Today I help leaders of all backgrounds to fine […] Read more…

Simplify your beauty routine with THEE Hydrate & Renew luxury face cream.

Passion, Drive and Knowledge – Jennifer Smyth

Who are you?  Jennifer Smyth is the director and founder of THEE® Australia, a boutique company designed to simplify beauty routines through luxurious products like the bestselling hydrate and renew face cream and now also 100% pure mulberry silk pillowslips and eye masks. Prior to establishing THEE® Australia, Jennifer co-founded Sydney’s famous Smyth & Fitzgerald […] Read more…