woman in waterfalls What is hypnobirthing? Some people think hypnobirthing is too alternative for then, however, hypnosis is not some kooky woo-woo thing. For some people, the word hypnosis conjures up images of swinging watches and stage shows with people dancing like chickens. Hypnotherapy is different from what you see at stage shows and movies. During hypnosis, you would not do anything that you would not normally want to do. You can not be hypnotised to do anything against your own will. It is not mind-control. You can’t get stuck in trance. You are in control and can choose to come out of trance if you wish at any time. You are in control and have nothing to worry about other than relaxing. During hypnosis, you will experience a lovely state of relaxation. Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation, a very normal and familiar feeling. You can have a feeling of trance while watching TV, looking at Instagram, driving, meditating and daydreaming. Hypnosis is very much like the feeling you have before dozing off to sleep. The British Medical Association declared hypnosis as a form of therapy around 1958, and both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association have endorsed hypnotherapy for use by professionals

“simply hypnosis is relaxation therapy”

The most straightforward way to explain hypnosis is it is a form of relaxation therapy that makes you more susceptible and open to positive suggestions. This is what makes self-hypnosis a perfect tool for childbirth. Hypnobirthing can reframe the way women feel about giving birth and release and let go of any fear or anxiety.

“Reducing fear aides in having a less painful birth”

Another misconception is that Hypnobirthing is done by a hypnotherapist attending the birth and hypnotizing a woman while they give birth. This is not the case. Couples are taught the relaxation methods and tools required for having a positive birth experience. The Hypnobirthing Australia method combines both antenatal education and a set of tools and techniques that women and their birth partners can use during pregnancy and during birth for a more positive pregnancy and birth experience. Most women do the course between 20-30 weeks of pregnancy; however, it is never too early (or too late) to start. The longer you practice the techniques the better. Hypnosis can be used throughout pregnancy and labour to help manage stress or fear and help the couple feel calm and relaxed during birth and support pain the woman with management. Research shows that women who prepare for labour through the practice of hypnobirthing experience overall shorter labours with less intervention and less like to require pharmacological methods of pain relief. Hypnobirthing Australia does not just focus on having a natural birth but teaches couples the tools, techniques, and information that will prepare them for the birth of their baby no matter what path the pregnancy takes. Hypnobirthing is suitable for every kind of birth, whether it’s a water birth, home birth, in a Birth Centre, Hospital, an induction with an epidural or a C-section. Hypnobirthing Australia gives women the tools to enable women and their birth partners to feel calm, confident and in control.     .      

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