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“Into the Void” by Rosemary Sherro

Somehow I get tangled up in the idea that I need to keep up.

Not sure of who or what I’m trying to keep up with, it just seems that it’s always been this way. Rush to get up, rush to get ready, rush to get there, rush to get the job done, rush to get back, rush to get to relax, rush, rush, rush…

It’s easy to get swallowed up by timelines, schedules, deadlines, due dates, and appointments. Ironically time itself isn’t going anywhere, it’s not going to run out, and time itself isn’t asking anything from us. It’s what we do with the time that we have that determines the quality of our day and life.

As I hear myself yelling at my daughter to hurry up or she’ll be late for school and I late for work, I feel a mild irritation mounting, I take a deep breath to calm myself down. “There’s no point yelling at me,” she says “it takes as long as it takes for me to get ready and you telling me to hurry isn’t making me go any faster”. She’s right of course. Standing at the front door with car keys in hand, waiting for her to emerge from the bedroom so I can lock up the house, I continue to focus on my breathing. I feel myself calm immediately as a wave of relaxation washes over me. One of the benefits of doing my early morning meditation. I smile at my daughter’s reasoning and her disregard for time. She’s always been that way. If she says she’ll be ready in five minutes, you can be assured that it will be at least half an hour before she makes her grand appearance. As far as she is concerned time can wait for her!

I love the feeling of going beyond the limitations of time that meditation helps me achieve. There is nothing more enjoyable than feeling myself dissolve into sweet nothingness even just for a few moments. That’s what inspired me to write our “Into the void” meditation journey. Although it’s a very simple meditation it is one of the most effective in guiding you into a state of deep relaxation.

A state void of timelines, expectations, stresses, and responsibilities. The void isn’t empty, it’s limitless.

A place where you can let go of internal and external pressures allowing you to stretch your consciousness into the expanse of infinity. While this may sound fantastical, the reality is that we live in an infinite universe, it’s only the nature of our thinking that keeps us locked into finite perspectives.

Our minds are capable of tapping into infinity, the place where all limitless potentials are born from. Take a look around you. There are no two people that inhabit the earth that have the exact same life and life experiences. And no one will ever experience life the way you experience your life ever again. Yours is a one-off, one of a kind, never to be experienced again life, and you get to choose what you experience. Your state of mind plays a big role in what those experiences may be.

Most of us recreate what we have grown up with or create lives that are accepted by the norm, even if the norm doesn’t fuel a sense of joy or happiness for you. To create from the essence of your being means creating a life that is authentic to who you are and in harmony with everyone and everything around you.

We all come from the void. Before something comes into existence, it doesn’t exist. The place in which it does not exist in the void. Essentially the void is the birthplace of everything and everyone we see and don’t see, including our thoughts and emotions. When we feel the need to clear our minds and emotions, the void is the place to visit.

Time is a great teacher and healer.

Recently I read some notes from a journal I’d written ten years earlier. Finding myself in a bad place in my marriage I wrote a list of reasons to stay and a list of reasons to leave. There were only four items on the reasons to stay list, one of them being fear of the unknown. While there were eighteen serious reasons to leave, fear kept me captive for another five years.  During that time I experienced some of my darkest moments.  It was in the darkness that a transformation was taking place that would eventually give me the strength, will, and courage to leave. “Time” provided the passage that allowed all those things to occur. The void was the place I would often visit during my meditation practice. It was essential and still is, to my wellbeing. In that dark silence, I could dismantle the tired weary aspects of my being.

The void is the mother of time, the birth of light and the womb of creation. To be absorbed by it, to be nothing, but for a few moments, provides liberation from the constraints of life enabling us to see things anew.

Into the void is one of my favourite meditations as getting into the void allows you to release, refresh and remember the magical universe that we are all a part of and that our minds are as magical or manical as we allow them to be. In order to allow new experiences to enter your life, you must open your mind to new possibilities, it’s hard to do this when your mind is congested with worries, stresses, and responsibilities.

Accessing the void allows you to surrender every part of your being into this state of silent infinity.

The sweet place beyond your mundane world, beyond your worries, concerns, and responsibilities. Here you can let go of everything including yourself. There is no need to prove yourself, protect yourself, do anything or be anything. As you dissolve into this state so too does all the mental chatter, emotional pain and what no longer serves you, clearing the space for deep healing, refreshing body mind and soul, fertile ideas, union with your divine self, higher perspectives, inner peace and calm and much more.

Regardless of what meditation practice you do, the void is the place that you seek to access, to surrender yourself and the moment to the mystery that we are all a part of. From the void comes life and all that accompanies it. Planets, oceans, animals, snowflakes, a grain of sand, are all birthed and connected to the void.

The void is referred to by many different names, including the source, God, the zero point, Divinity, Infinite Intelligence, the Akashic etc. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it. We are all intrinsically connected to it and a part of it.  It is the beginning and the end. The everything and the nothing.  It’s not out there somewhere, it’s within you now and always. The gifts of accessing this sacred space are as infinite as the void itself.

For the void is experiencing and expressing itself through you and everything you see and don’t see. An inner part of you knows, feels and yearns to connect with this sacred space. It is the art of knowing yourself, the path to enlightenment.

The gift of meditation is the science of accessing this sacred space and your sacred self. It’s the most natural thing today. The simple practices of breathing, body relaxation, calming and clearing the mind are pathways that lead you deeper into yourself and into the void, the source of all creation.

I encourage you to do this meditation on a regular basis. If you are at the beginning of your meditation journey I recommend trying our Body Mind Deep Relaxation Meditation and Breath Focus Meditation in addition. Alternate between these meditations and Into the Void in the first few weeks of your practice to help you get into the meditate zone more easily.

Be patient. It can take time to learn to unplug from your monkey mind, after all, you’ve been doing it for a lifetime. Eventually, you will be able to access the meditative state with ease. Remember that each person experiences this differently. There is no right or wrong way. We are all designed differently and experience things in our own unique way.

There are a series of short meditations designed to use when you are on a work break or only have a short period of time to devote to yourself. Get Centred, Clarifying Mind, Decluttering your Mind are easy quick meditations to use during your day.

In addition to this, we have a series of meditations for particular intentions. Following are the stories behind these meditations which we hope will inspire you to go within and explore the infinite and magical terrain of your soul self in order that you may create the best life and best world possible.

(How to access the void. Breathing. Body relaxation. Calming the mind and moving beyond.


A rushing world meddles with our minds

So we think we are in a race with time

Time does not care of what we think

Its purpose is to tic, tock, tic

It is not yours

Nor is it mine

Her minutes stretch us beyond time

Carrying us to the place where she came to

The empty canvas

We resist in vain

During this meditation journey, you will be taken into a state deep within yourself connecting you to a place of pure being.

Gently close your eyes and take a moment to get comfortable as you prepare to embark on this journey of going within. Take a deep slow breath in through your nose and gently exhale. 

Each time you inhale you turn your attention inwards.  As you exhale feel yourself release and let go of all outer distractions and responsibilities.  There is nowhere for you to be and nothing for you to do right now……this time is for you and you alone.  Continue to take deep slow breaths in……… gently and slowly exhale out. 

Whenever your mind begins to wonder just bring your focus gently back to your breath as your focus turns further and further within….deep within the innermost recesses of your mind. With every breath, you inhale you go deeper and deeper within and you feel yourself becoming deeply relaxed. 

Your body lets go of any tension and stress.  The deeper within you go the more deeply relaxed you become.   With each out-breath, you feel your body become lighter and lighter as you let go of all the responsibilities and activities of your external world. 

With each passing moment, you feel more and more comfortable as you continue to go further and further within.  Feel your mind opening up, drawing you into a space of silence and expansion. A space beyond all mental chatter, beyond emotion, beyond planning and doing…..a place of pure being, pure consciousness. 

You go further within naturally and with ease……your intention to go within guides you to the deepest parts of your mind…….the place of pure potential.   Become aware of the sensations within your head as you drift into a deeper state of relaxation (consciousness).  Your body becomes lighter and lighter.  You may notice thoughts come into your mind.  That’s ok.  Simply bring your attention gently back to your breathing…….

Be aware of the sensations of deep relaxation and calm washing through your body.  Notice your mind becoming calmer and more settled…..each time you exhale you become more and more relaxed.  Allow yourself to continue to drift deeper and deeper… into this wonderfully meditative and relaxed state. 

You are entering the infinite void of your mind.  A place of pure potential and creation. This space has no limits. Allow your entire being to be absorbed into this void… expand into infinity…. feel your body let go and melt into this space…..deep slow breaths in…..slowly and completely exhale out. You feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter.  Allow yourself to completely surrender into this sacred void…….you go deeper and deeper into a very deep state of relaxation and bliss.

In this place you have no history, there is no expectation, no noise, no pressure, no judgement…….there is only you.   The purest part of you… This space is connected to everything.  Although it is a place of complete darkness, it is also filled with pure light….you are the light in the darkness……the power of your thoughts radiate a great light….. …….you have entered the inner realm of pure consciousness.  Feel yourself continue to open and expand into the void.  You don’t have to force or do anything……just let go and relax.

Continue to go deeper and deeper within.   There is no veil here between you and your higher self.  There is nothing to hide, nor fear.  All that is loving, beautiful, gentle, intelligent, pure and true opens within you and around you.

Feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter as you melt into the void…..which heals, soothes, transforms, illuminates and awakens you at the deepest level of your being.  All that no longer serves you fall away into the void… 

You now gently bring your awareness back into your body feeling refreshed, calm and revitalised ready to embrace the day with clarity and purpose.  Open your eyes.

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