Who are you? We are a fly in fly out mining family, from Brisbane with three beautiful daughters aged nine, three and one. Tell us about your work or creative pursuits? We wanted to create a business that initially I could operate from home and look after our three girls, while my Husband is away for work. Previously, I was a florist by trade specialising in large floral installations and high end wedding arrangements which has fuelled my creative design for many years. It was a natural progression to move into creating gorgeously styled nurseries with our beautifully handmade bohemian furniture and decor pieces. We knew we wanted everything in our store handmade with high quality craftsmanship so we selected robust natural materials that allowed great versatility and would still create intricate pieces which give a delicate simplistic style needed for nurseries. Our furniture pieces are all made with rattan and finished with a clear matte varnish to maintain its natural bohemian feel. Pieces requiring cushions are done with a white cover to allow for greatest versatility when styling each nursery. We’ve also carefully selected a range of nursery decor and accessories to compliment our nursery furniture. You’ll find cute leather children’s backpacks, nappy bags and cushions, macramè wall hangings and baby swings, shell chandeliers, gorgeous linen throws and meticulously beaded bamboo baskets. What inspired you to get started? At the beginning we simply just had an idea for a furniture business. We were inspired by our experiences through living in Indonesia last year but we had no way of knowing exactly how we were going to execute it into the Coco Rose Interiors Brand you see before you today. After sitting down and focussing on where our true passion was, we realised it lay with children, parenting and harnessing that relaxed island lifestyle we came to love from living in Bali. We felt the bohemian style really encapsulated everything we wanted to create for our customers and aligned perfectly with the relaxed, dreamy, tropical island vibe that we were so inspired by. We created our market niche by blending this vision with tropical greenery and natural bohemian textured decor to give you our full children’s room and nursery range you see today. What is your biggest goal? In regards to our business model, we aim to create a brand and style that is completely unique to Coco Rose Interiors and the interior product market. We are confident we will continue to be at the forefront of children’s product design and room styling and hope to build an involved community of Coco Rose Interiors followers and maintain personal interaction with our customers. Ultimately we would love to build a large enough following to allow my husband to finish fly in fly out work and come home to us permanently. Coco Rose Interiors What has been your greatest achievement to date? Honestly, it is the entire startup process for us. We knew it would be a big undertaking, but I don’t think we quite realised how much was actually involved in making it to our launch date! From initial concept, to product design, working with suppliers, building our website, organising shipping and dealing with customs it an enormous effort that most never think of when purchasing a product from a store. We certainly take our hats off to all the small business mum and dads out there! You’re all amazing! We’re also really proud of social media following. We are yet to launch our website http://www.cocoroseinteriors.com.au and we’ve managed to build a following of nearly 1000 customers on Instagram and almost 400 on Facebook. So far we’ve been featured in three blogs, an online magazine and two other business’ websites outside of our own. The interest in what we are offering is incredibly exciting and it’s only a very small portion of what is still to come! What was the key for you to overcome a challenge? I think in any small business you have to be very fluid in how you operate. During our startup we have come across many challenges where your initial vision of how a process should operate won’t always work due to circumstances out of your control. We were literally ready to launch our website not long ago and at the last minute had to postpone due to supplier delay. We had already announced big news was coming, so we had to think on our feet and decided to run a giveaway competition instead. The market is ever changing and you have to be ready to adapt at a moments notice. During times when you feel lacking in motivation, what helps you get motivated? I’m a Virgo so generally I am very good at keeping myself motivated. (lists are my thing! 😉) I’m driven to show my three girls that they can achieve anything that they set their mind to and it’s good to be a strong independent young woman. A lady boss if you will! On the days that get particularly hard while my husband is away, the house has exploded with mess and my girls are manic, I often stop and think how hard it would be for him being away from us for three weeks at a time and working 12 hour nightshifts. It gives me the strength to soldier on, knowing that if we can build Coco Rose Interiors into a success story, then going that extra mile will mean he can come home to us sooner. What is your favourite song for getting motivated? I think every boss lady’s theme song would have to be ” Girls, we run the world” by Beyoncé wouldn’t it? Haha Who inspires you? This is an easy one! It’s definitely all the other small business mums out there running their own little enterprises from home. I’ve been so lucky already to meet amazing successful ladies that are living out their passions and manage to hold it all together whilst also maintaining their home life and family demands. You are all amazing in my eyes. http://www.cocoroseinteriors.com.au Email hello@cocoroseinteriors.com.au IG @coco_rose_interiors FB @cocoroseinteriors   Coco Rose Interiors Coco Rose Interiors Coco Rose Interiors   SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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