How to get the most out of the school holidays? I love school holidays. The joy of not having to prepare school lunches, look for a missing school shoe, find the library books, not having to worry about it being gelato day, silly sock day, dress up as your favourite character day… makes mornings that much easier.  Better still I don’t have to face the bumper to bumper traffic getting my little one to school followed by the frantic rush to work. How wonderful it is getting up at our own leisure, pottering around the house without the usual urgency accompanied by the occasional mania when things don’t go to plan.  I shamefully admit to being a psycho a mother on occasion….even I’m scared of me on those days and I assure you it doesn’t make things go any more smoothly. Thankfully it’s time for slowing down yet there is the tendency to fill the days up with a list of activities and catch ups.  Being time poor during the school terms I usually try to cram in as much as possible during the holidays. Not this time round.  By the time Christmas day is over my priority is to slow right down, embrace my inner hippie and let the summer breeze take me to where it will. While we haven’t planned a trip away I feel the need to make the holidays a time of recuperation, relaxation and just going with the flow.  Children too need their space and time to just hang out and be.  Sleep in’s, picnics, hanging out and not doing too much before we immerse ourselves in the routine of another school year. For me the key is keeping it simple and not over committing to all the things I think we should be doing.  Detoxing from routines, rushing and schedules gives the mind time to breathe and refresh giving us the opportunity to see things with relaxed clarity and experience a more gentle flow of life. Remember to give your soul the space to breathe and be.  As for me I know my soul is craving it! SaveSave SaveSave

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