The shift from the ego driven self to the soul self can be a tumultuous journey for an awakening being.

The reluctance of the ego to let go of that which no longer serves can be an exceptionally challenging time.

Our goal to be a soul infused being, requires a quantum shift in our consciousness.

Anything that may be preventing us or holding us back will most certainly be dredged up and brought to the surface.

For the evolving being it is often the case that our issues or limitations rise in rapid succession relentlessly deconstructing our little lives while paving the way for the new flow of soul consciousness.

Not a journey for the faint hearted!

If this is happening in your life it is because you are ready and have answered the soul call.

You have chosen this.

These challenges are initiations as deep transformations occur at every level of our being.  We are initiates on the path on the return journey home.

For those experiencing this process it may feel maddening and times terrifying as the ego cannot make sense of what is going on.

A deeper impulse beckons us to keep on, to surrender and allow while we furiously try to juggle the mundane aspects of our lives.

Gentle care and support for the initiate on the path is what we offer.  It is imperative to be physically prepared as our bodies are likely to become more sensitive to foods and the external environment including the energies of others.

Our thought processes become altered as we begin to see things in a different light while our emotions undergo deep cleansing and healing of age old wounds opening the way for new soul frequencies.

Through our personal experiences and work with other awakening souls over the last twenty years we are aware of some the many perils and challenges that are experienced as we undergo deconstruction and prepare for reconstruction.

It is a privilege to be part of this incredibly humbling journey of becoming ones greatest self.

With the challenges come the joys of experiencing states of being and connectedness that we yearn for.

Let’s hold hands, open our hearts and do this together.

Find the key for me and for you

Rosemary Sherro  “The Key for Me”

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