Who are you? 

I’m Sarah Roocroft, a crazy Mum with a hell of a lot of things on the go. I’m passionate about getting people to think differently so that they can unlock their very best life, I do this through platforms like and I’ve just launched a creative consultancy for HR professionals called The Wonder Tribe, where I run design thinking workshops, provide wonder coaching to executives, consult on innovation capability and curate large scale events.

I’m MC for an awesome program coming to Australia in a few weeks, Thrive by Arianna Huffington and in addition to this, I founded Sienna Baby when my first baby was born (Sienna) and started when my second (Stella) was born.

Just incase that wasn’t enough, I am launching “PINK Talks” and “A few good men” event series designed to spark inspiration and help people find their purpose – My Mum says I’m prolific, I just have a hell of a lot of energy and creativity and find wonderful ways to channel it!

What were your dreams for your future as a child?

I wanted to be a lawyer, or a ballerina, or an actor or an artist. I loved dreaming about spending my days creating things, having parties, writing – if I were to explain to little Sarah what I do now, I think she would think it was pretty cool. My 4 year old came on stage with me for Wired for Wonder last year and got to meet CommBank’s AI (robot) chip, she was stoked and still talks about it!


What is your wish for the world?

That every person has the chance to express their purpose and authentic self.

What is your magic place, where you go to relax and unwind?

Liquid room, I go and float in a salt sensory deprivation tank and it takes me to my zen place. I’m a furious and experienced meditator and this is like meditation on steroids! Perfect way for a cray cray woman like me to slow down and give my brain a little break.

What has surprised you most about life?

How little you can control, the joy has come from learning to ride the fluidity and finding the wonder in the simple moments every single day.

What would you most like to change about your approach to life?

My life quest is managing my state so I can consciously impact others in a positive way.

It is the moments we tune out that we can create the biggest collateral damage, throw away comments, not listening when someone you care about is telling you something important – so every single day I try harder to be more present and more in a wonder mindset to ensure I’m my best and most conscious version of me.

What has been the most challenging experience of your life? 

I’ve embraced all of my challenges with gratitude but the thing that still pisses me off is how hard it is to be a woman in business. I found it hard to have to negotiate and navigate the politics all day every day in corporate. But it has definitely made me more creative at getting things done!

What was the key for you to overcoming a challenge/fear/self doubt/ dark time?

I was experiencing severe anxiety and depression when I moved away from the family home to Sydney many years ago. I found meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis and it completely changed my life.

Understanding how my mind works and how to get the best out of my brain has allowed me to hack my mindset to live my brightest and sparkliest life. These days when I am feeling low, I honour the moment of sadness, I seek to understand the thoughts and feelings and then I let them pass.

The greatest advice my Mum gave to me, “this too shall pass” – and it does. Everything in life is a cycle, so knowing that it isn’t forever is always a very comforting reminder for me.

Who do you admire most?

SO many people, in Australia there are so many entrepreneurs and start ups who inspire me always. I admire Emma Isaacs for building the Business chicks empire. I admire Rahaf Harfoush, her mind inspires me, Dr Jordan Nguyen and the work that he does making kids without mobility super humans! I love Jo Burston and Lisa Messenger and what they stand for and how they inspire the entrepreneurial community.

I admire everyone I meet in one way or another, one of my secret powers is seeing the best in people.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Stop. Enjoy. Wonder so much more, you’re really good at it. Allow yourself to really get creative, this is your gift. Write even more than you already do! One day, you’ll look back and laugh so much at your journals.

Stop telling yourself you aren’t good enough. Stop telling yourself you are ugly. Don’t quit the chess club. Oh and keep doing Science, Technology all the geeky stuff, remember how you were really really good at it?? Well in 2017 Science and Tech is all the rage.

What is your life motto?

“Let’s give it a go”

What is your favourite comfort food?

Nachos, McDonalds, KFC and Pasta – all the naughty stuff!!!

What makes you happy?

My gorgeous family, afternoons sitting in the garden talking about the brain, walks along the beach, coffee, french champagne, candles and looking back at all of the zillions of photos I have captured on instagram 🙂


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