pexels-photo-296878Starting your own business can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, you have the advice of 6 Australian business owners on how they helped their business to grow. Sarah Morrissey | Little Rockers Radio blog_image_20170829014354907 On making connections: “My biggest business growth ‘hack’ is really a great strategy rather than a hack – Build Partnerships. When you are first starting out and finances are low it’s great to partner up with businesses with the same target market as you. Naturally all partnerships need to be win-win! Even if you don’t yet have a big audience to offer, there are other things you can offer – content, expert advice, product samples / giveaways, etc. Little Rockers Radio has been built off the back of some amazing partnerships.” Find Little Rockers Radio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. MyDeal Pro Tip: Show people how serious you are It’s important when building relationships and networking with other businesses that they take you seriously. Making sure the space you use to discuss your business feels like a working space is a good start. Holding a meeting at your coffee table may give the wrong impression but offering someone an office chair instead of a lounge can change the vibes in an instant. Read more  

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  1. Build Partnerships. < that is nearly always the hard truth people don't want to hear.

    Thanks for sharing.

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