Empowering women, children and men through sport


Who are you?  

I am love haha. What keeps me busy is I’m in training for a spot on the Commonwealth team to compete for Australia in Olympic Weightlifting. I also am very passionate about women’s empowerment and encouraging women to participate in sport in Papua New Guinea.

I started the Grass Skirt Project as a way to connect with women and children who have been affected by Gender Based Violence through sport. The project is in early stages of developing a social enterprise that will see women gain education and employment opportunities through social business.


What were your dreams for your future as a child? 

Actually didn’t really see anything, I could just feel that I was destined to do something great. When I was young I had immense trouble with math and reading but in my gut I knew school wasn’t for me and that my learning would come through speaking and connecting with people of all walks of life.  It gave me massive anxiety at times and then there were other times when I actually didn’t give a fuck.

When you know that you are capable of much more and have passion, you just create your own destiny.

What is your magic place where you would go to relax and unwind?

The beach and working on my tan alone.

What has surprised you most about life?

That we are constantly learning about new things and I feel as I am getting older I am allowing myself to see life a little differently. Its really about head space and having a completely open heart.  At the end of the day we are all just matter.

What would you most like to change about your approach to life?

Nothing. I approach life to the fullest.

What has been the key for you to overcoming the challenge? 

I have learnt that you can never give yourself to another until you have given yourself to yourself first.

No one can pull you out of a bad situation if you have a “poverty mindset”. A poverty mindset is when you allow your environment to dictate your present mind. You can physically live in poverty but your outlook on life doesn’t have to be.

I have seen some very wealthy people have everything but their mindset was that of a stubbed toe, swollen and full of pain. Regardless of the trauma one has been through we all have a duty to empower one another by leading by example.

Who do you admire most? 

I admire women who get shit done.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be nicer to your sisters.

What is your life motto?

Moving on up.

What makes you happy?

Sun, beach, family & friends & living passionately.

Tahina Booth Little Pink

If you would like to contact Tahina to learn more about The Grass Skirt Project, she can be contacted on the following e-mail addresses.




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