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Rebecca Timmins – Imperfect Mummy

Who are you? Rebecca, Stay at home Mum to 3 boys and owner of the blog Imperfect Mummy Tell us about your business? It’s a Mum blog with a focus on realistic parenting advice. What inspired you to get started? My eldest was a terrible sleeper as a baby. One day he would not nap and I sat on his bedroom floor crying because I had read in a Parenting book that babies that do not sleep are more likely to become drug addicts, alcoholics or end up in jail! I looked up at him and he was sat there giggling his head off, having a great time. It was then that I realised that although these parenting books mean well we need to take the content within them with a pinch of salt. What is your main goal? To help other Mums know that you don’t have to be a perfect Mum. That it’s OK if your child doesn’t sleep well, it doesn’t mean you’re not doing a great job! What has been your greatest achievement to date? Keeping sane each day since having children! As a working mum, how do you find calm in the chaos? I aim to get all 3 kids into bed by 8pm each night so that I have “me time” at the end of each day. During the times when you feel overwhelmed or lacking in motivation, what helps you get back on track? A day of nothing. It’s so easy to get yourself worked up and stressed about the never-ending list of things to do. When I get to the point of feeling overwhelmed I realise it’s time to stop fighting and I surrender. I have a day of sitting on the sofa, binging Netflix, whatever it takes to reset. I am then more prepared to get stuff done efficiently. Who or what inspires you? The way my Children start each day completely fresh from the last. They wake up without a care of what happened yesterday, what’s happening tomorrow. They are only interested in what is happening today. What do you do to relax and unwind? I can’t resist playing a bit of Mario on the Nintendo Switch! What advice would you give your younger self? Be more confident. I was so shy when I was younger. As my confidence has grown, so has the amount of opportunities in life. What is your life motto or positive affirmation? “Say Yes to every opportunity. You never know where it might lead” (well, mostly!) Have you ever had a disappointment or setback that ended up leading you to something wonderful? After leaving School I went to University. I was so excited to go but only lasted a month as I hated it. It was really crushing to have to go back home. However, if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have then gone to Portugal to work for the Summer which in turn led to me meeting my now Hubby! What do you like to do with your free time? As a family, we love to get some fresh hot chips and take them to eat at the local beach before searching for crabs in the rock pools.
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