Hi there! My name is Adrienne and I am a mother, wife, and freelance presentation designer. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I L-O-V-E to laugh! Tell us about your business? Freelancer Foundry  helps skilled professionals learn how to create and build a profitable freelancing business with short-term strategies like leveraging freelancer platforms and online networking, to longer-term strategies like SEO and email marketing. What inspired you to get started?  So many things! First and foremost, my friends had this perspective that freelancing meant I worked sporadically for pennies. But, when I started earning 2x my previous salary in my freelance business, their response was consistently, “Wait. What?!?!” And, as I started networking more with other freelancers, they were having a similar response. Instead of typing the same insights over and over, I started to document what I’d learned. Then, I created a course and a community. Second, I had no idea that freelancing was an option when I was traditionally employed. I thought that you had to have incredible sales skills to be successful freelancing and I falsely believed that I couldn’t earn more than I did in my traditional 9-5. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, 36% of freelancers earned over $75k in 2017, compared to only 20% of the entire U.S. workforce. I want to make sure that people know freelancing is a viable way of starting their own business, and that they understand how to efficiently get started and maximize their chances of success. Third, I had to figure out marketing, finding clients and delivering services without any kind of guidance. If you wanted to be a Financial Planner, a Blogger, a YouTuber or a Virtual Assitant, you can find resources to help you navigate that new terrain successfully. I want to enable that for people who want to figure out how to create a profitable freelancing business. Finally, the Freelance in America 2017 predicts that over half of the U.S. workforce will be self-employed by 2027. That’s nearly 30M new freelancers in the next ten years that will be navigating this brand new territory that goes beyond doing their job consistently and reliably – they’ll have to figure out marketing, lead generation, sales, client experience and basic business administration they may never have been exposed to in their 9-5. What is your main goal?  My primary goal is to help people find the peace and success that I’ve found being my own boss. When I was traditionally employed, I had to be in the office at certain times, working with some (not all) difficult clients on projects that I sometimes didn’t enjoy. Now, I set my own schedule, I only work with awesome clients exclusively on projects that I enjoy, I earn more and work less – and I’ve never been happier. Everyone should be able to create that type of lifestyle if they want it! What has been your greatest achievement to date?  Getting started. As simple as it seems, sometimes the biggest obstacle is just getting the momentum going. Our fears, anxieties and negative self-talk hold us back and keep us from reaching our full potential. Once you get over that and start taking action, everything else falls into place and obstacles are easily overcome. During the times when you feel overwhelmed or lacking in motivation, what helps you get back on track?  Usually I find myself lacking motivation because I’m tired, so I’ve learned not to fight through it. Instead, I give myself permission to take the afternoon or evening off and relax. I go out to dinner or watch a funny movie. Something low key that takes my mind off of the source of my focus and gives me some space. Usually, that gives me the energy I need to conquer the next day head-on. When I feel overwhelmed, I just make a list. It’s so simple, but in my head 6 things to do can feel like 30. When I get them out of my head on paper, I am able to appreciate that it’s not as much as I thought it was. Then, I prioritize it and get to work. Who or what inspires you? My daughter. She has the carefree spirit of a kid. She is funny, honest and so kind. Everyday I want to be my best, so that she strives to be her best. And, I want her to see that everyone’s version of success and happiness is unique, and that she shouldn’t be afraid to create her own happiness. Which, today, is to be a farmer! What advice would you give your younger self?  Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back. Life is too short to worry about what COULD go wrong. Just get started and take the inevitable challenges one at a time. What is your life motto or positive affirmation? I’m obsessed with the quote, “Be the girl who decided to go for it.” I like it because it puts the focus on being brave enough to try, as opposed to being successful. For me, it helps frame the fear and anxiety as the obstacles to be overcome, instead of achieving success. If you keep showing up and thoughtfully iterating, I believe anyone can be successful. Facebook: @freelancerfoundry Email: adrienne@freelancerfoundry.com

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