I didn’t know what I was thinking! I find it fascinating that most of us aren’t even aware of what we’re thinking or why we are thinking it.  The majority of the time our mind is on autopilot leading the way. We’ve got all this stuff going on in our heads, things to do, places to be, thinking of others, worries, grievances, dreams, trying to figure things out, fantasies and so much more.  It all happens in our little heads, jumbles of swirling thoughts that never stop.  It all seems pretty normal because it’s what we’ve always done and it seems to be what most other people are doing too. Most of us are walking around with heads full of thoughts completely unaware of how the nature of our thoughts impact us, the environment and everyone else around us. Thoughts aren’t just some trivial thing, they are the scaffolding of our life.  What we think dictates who and how we are in life.  We tend to gravitate to people that think the same we think or that are on the “same wavelength”.  Just as we are likely to shy away from people that we “just don’t get”. Given that thinking is something that we are constantly doing it would make sense to be aware of what’s going on in our heads.  This is what mindfulness is all about.  It might seem like the buzzword at the moment but it’s certainly not a new concept. Being aware and conscious of our thoughts is necessary for living harmonious healthy lives as well as creating a harmonious healthy world.  It all starts in our heads. It’s not easy and maybe not even possible to be aware of every thought that runs through our head but it is possible to shift the nature of our thoughts.  By changing the nature of our thoughts we have the ability to shift the trajectory of our lives.  Even small changes in our thinking can lead to big life changes. The key is taking the first step and that first step is mindfulness. At Key Mindfulness, we’ve created a meditation to help you be aware and redirect your thoughts.  It’s called Decluttering the Mind and the link is https://keymindfulness.com/shop/ Rosemary Sherro Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist  

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