_STP7873 2 Who are you? (name, location, kids)? My name is Em (Emily… but only if I’m in trouble!) and I live in Rose Bay, Sydney with my husband Harries and our two boys, Billy and Leo aged 5 and 2. Tell us about what you do? I’m a Pilates instructor and also Spokesperson/Community Advisor for Solar D Sunscreen. What inspired you to get started? Pilates: I have loved doing Pilates for the last 7 years or so, but it wasn’t until after I had my first son Billy, that I decided I wanted to pursue teaching Pilates as a career. Pilates has always made me feel amazing and strong and really allowed me to connect with my body. It has helped me during and after both of my pregnancies. Initially, I was really passionate about helping mums, during their pregnancy and postpartum but since I’ve been teaching, I’ve met clients from all walks and all backgrounds. A few have been men who have come from professional sporting backgrounds with all sorts of injuries. I love when I help them “fix” problems which they think they will have for life. Solar D Sunscreen Community Advisor: My husband came home with some Solar D Sunscreen one day when he became an ambassador for the brand 3 years ago. I tried it out and loved it and have been using it on myself and our kids ever since. It has a beautiful, smooth consistency and is non-greasy or sticky. It also allows the vitamin D into your skin, whilst still protecting it from the harmful UV rays, and it is reef safe. The owner of Solar D approached me a few months ago and asked if I’d like to come on board with the company. I was so excited to be a part of this wonderful product and brand and love introducing it to people. I’m a big believer in “sharing is caring” and so I really am eager about sharing the benefits of Pilates, and the benefits of Solar D Sunscreen to everyone I meet. What is your main goal? My main goal, daily is to be kind and to leave a positive impression on everyone I meet and greet. What has been your greatest achievement to date? My greatest achievement would have to be my beautiful boys. They are my absolute pride and joy, and I am so, so grateful to be their mum. As a working Mum, how do you find calm in the chaos? So true these days isn’t it? Most of us now are working mums and life becomes one big juggling act. I’m very lucky with my work that my hours are flexible and that I get a lot of support from my mum who looks after the boys if I need. My husband works very long hours, as a lifeguard at Bondi Beach, Pilates teacher and ambassador to many brands, so the organisation of our boys and our home comes down to me most of the time. Finding calm amongst the chaos…. wow this is such a great question. I try as often as I can, to just stop, be present and focus on my breathing and myself. It brings me a sense of calm. I’m also very conscious of being grateful for all the wonderful things I have. This gives me an instant positive feeling, which uplifts me when I feel like the chaos is taking over. During the times when you feel overwhelmed or lacking in motivation, what helps you get back on track? Fresh air, a walk, participating in a Pilates class, or if I can’t do these things, I take a conscious moment to breathe, reset and refocus and also be mindful of the positive things in my life. Gratitude is so, so important. And I truly believe, the more you show gratitude, the more things come into your life that you can be grateful for. Who or what inspires you? We are so lucky in this day and age to have all these wonderful social platforms where technology floods us with motivation and inspiration. Daily positive quotes and encouraging posts from others, really inspire me. My little boys and my big boy (husband) also inspire me. I always have them at the forefront of my mind. What do you do to relax and unwind? I love a hot bubble bath or a dip in the ocean. Pilates always makes me feel energised. Before Pilates came into my life, I was more of a yogi. This year, I’d really like to get back into practising yoga as well. Bikram is my favourite. What advice would you give your younger self? This is a great question, but one I struggle with? I believe in regrets, I think its a sign of growth and living. We are constantly evolving, learning, and changing. Life is about the journey, not the destination. And part of that journey is being young, making mistakes and discoveries. I guess if anything, I would tell my younger self to enjoy every minute and to not sweat the small stuff. What is your life motto or positive affirmation? Oh, I have so many…. but if I have to choose one, it would be “Treat people the way you expect to be treated, be kind, always” How beautiful would the world be if everyone was nice to each other? It shouldn’t be hard, should it? Have you ever had a disappointment or setback that ended up leading you to something wonderful? Not as such, but I think that’s because I believe I’m where I am because that’s where I’m meant to be. I believe everything teaches us something, and everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know what that reason might be at the time. I also don’t dwell on things which I can’t control, but find something positive in any outcome, and do my best to move forward.   Social media links are: @embodyempower @solardsunscreen    

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