20882861_292242571243832_3274726632211148219_nLife generally does not go according to plan and even when it does we may not feel or experience what we had hoped for. 

By recognising the locks and knowing that the keys to transformation are within us and around us we can face adversity with greater insight.

Bad things happen all the time, often the bad stuff is what leads us to the greater stuff.  If we perceive the events around us as happening for us, asking the following questions may help us have some realisations as to why things are as they are:

Why is this happening for me?

What am I failing to see?

What is the lesson for me?

Is this a pattern in my life?

When did I learn to behave this way?

Why did I adopt this way of thinking/behaving?

How does this situation serve me?

What would I have to change within me in order to change the situation?  What will happen if I approach things differently?

What are the consequences of living this way?

What are the consequences of change?

What am I so afraid of?

What is the key to transforming this?

It can be exceptionally confronting asking these questions however it is the most important thing we can do.  By asking these questions we are making ourselves accountable, owning the power within us (even when we feel powerless) to effect change.

They say that the “truth will set you free” but it can initially be frightening to accept as it means that we have to let go of false ideas, dreams and illusions that have enabled us to keep the untruth alive.

The untruth keeps us living in the world of denial a place where authentic happiness and fulfilment cannot exist.  We seem to be masters of creating excuses that validate our fears which perpetuate situations affirming our limited, uncomfortable and complacent states of being.  Hoping for more is not enough.

Making a commitment to be honest with ourselves and to strive for harmonious balanced lives in imperative for the health of our families, friendships, society and greater global community.

Taking accountability for everything that is going on in our lives leads us out of victimhood and into our own authority.

It is a lifetime task but also a great adventure, enriching, nourishing and evolving us to becoming our true selves.   Even taking the smallest steps forward can redirect our lives or at times we may decide to advance boldly.

Our inner and outer challenges represent the locks while our realisations and learnings are the turning keys that lead us to transformation, opening doors to new opportunities.

Once we realise (real eyes) something we can no longer see it with false eyes.  We may decide not to change the outer circumstances immediately or maybe not at all, but having a realisation means that something within us has changed, our perspective has been altered and this naturally leads to more realisations.

If we have courage enough to completely turn the key and step through the open door new worlds of possibility and living await us.

The keys of transformation are constantly available to us.  They are ever present reflected in symbols, synchronicity, intuition, dreams, relationships, books, ancient teachings, nature, unconscious and conscious whisperings.

A key is a symbol of knowledge.  With knowledge and understanding we can open doors to new possibilities and adventures, alternatively we can keep ourselves locked in worlds of limitation and fear believing that there is no way out. 

Experiencing a realisation is like the turning of a key, the greater the realisation the more the key turns until finally we are unlocked from a state of being and living that no longer serves or fulfils us.

No one can turn the keys for us.  People may lovingly guide you, they may wish to shake you out of our woes but ultimately you are the only one that can unlock the doors and swing them open to reveal fresh perspectives and opportunities.

Someone once explained to me that carbon exposed to great pressure creates a diamond.  The greater the pressure the more beautiful the diamond, this too can be likened to our life experiences.

The pressures we experience in life can bring out qualities within us that we didn’t know we possessed creating realities more beautiful than we could possibly imagine. They are the makings of our inner and outer transformations.

In a constantly turning, spinning, moving world, greater forces are always at play conspiring for us to discover ourselves.  It’s our very resistance to these forces that creates such turmoil in our lives.

Life draws out our beauty, strength and truth of our being although at times we may feel like it is crushing us to pieces. Consider that those pieces need to be crushed.  We may hold on to them believing that these pieces are our strength when in fact they may have become the very weakness within us that keeps us from discovering and experiencing a greater life and a greater self.

Adversity is a great friend making us feel terribly uncomfortable while encourage us to expand. 

Unfortunately, the magical creatures that we are have learned the art of convincing ourselves that the uncomfortable is comfortable and we are truly terrified of change.

We share with you our stories and the keys to our ongoing transformation as we all owe it to each other to remember the infinite possibilities that reside within each of us waiting to be unlocked.

The keys are there for you, in fact they are within you.  Do you dare to turn the key and discover what lies on the other side?


“The Key For Me”

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