Hypnotherapy & meditationMeditation is the Key to Transformation

Our vices, misfortunes, sorrows and challenges represent the keys to our transformation, as do our gifts, talents, joys and virtues. The keys of transformation are constantly available to us. They are reflected in symbols, synchronicity, intuition, dreams, relationships, words etc.

With knowledge and understanding we can open doors to new possibilities and adventures. Alternatively we can keep ourselves locked in worlds of limitation and fear believing that there is no way out.

Hypnosis and Meditation can empower you and enable you to deal with your problems. It can help you rid yourself of unwanted habits and behaviours. Meditation and hypnosis can help you find clarity and purpose in your life. It will empower you to make change and reach your goals.

We have a variety of guided meditation programs that will calm and relax you while leading you on a journey of healing and self discovery and transformation. Awakening (Your Life Force) – Meditation Duration 21:40 minutes This meditation journey will guide you in connecting and igniting the creative life force from within to promote vitality and healing.  We recommend doing this journey when you’re feeling lethargic, unwell or disenchanted.  It will guide you in awakening the inner force that supports and sustains your body, mind and soul. Decluttering – Meditation Duration 23:36 Are you mindful or is your mind just full?  This meditation will help you become aware of where your mind is at and help you be conscious of how you are directing your thoughts so that you decide what you think instead of being taken on a mental ride. If you want to open to new thoughts and let go of old mental habits this is the meditation for you. Move Beyond – Mini Meditation Duration: 15:23 Whenever you’re feeling stressed, stuck or frustrated and need to shift your perspective give this meditation a go.  Deeply relaxing, it will help you move beyond limiting thoughts and feelings as your awareness expands to the infinite possibilities within you and around you.
Hypnotherapy & Meditation find calm
The “Key for Me” guided meditation and hypnosis. Meditation made easy.
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