12471629_1708330276049915_3903146265971708483_oWho are you?

My name is Nataly and I am the founder of WWC Community Health Education, formally known as WONDERWOMAN Children. It is an organisation that was built whilst I was at home with my two little children, a single mum and studying a degree in nursing.

I did not realise that it would grow to the point it has, originally just throwing a social media outreach message with a huge response to what we are today. The organisation is an extension of my own personal mission to ensure that in this lifetime I impact and protect and advocate for those that can’t.

We aim to ensure that every single Australian has access to first aid, with a focus on families.

What were your dreams for your future as a child?

I wanted to be an astronaut!

When I was a little girl from the beginning of my life I always felt I should not be here. That I did not fit in. I could not watch the news, I could not gather cruelty in the world and could not understand why human life felt so superficial. I used to sit on my roof and stare at the stars.

It was my only escape from the box of society that we live in. It made me feel connected to something bigger than what was around me. I always felt ‘surely there was more’. This feeling of surely there is more is actually my drive, as when I was a little girl I decided that if I was going to live in this life that the only thing I wanted to do was to make a difference.

What is your wish for the world?

Empowerment for each and every person. There is realistically little we can do to change the world, but we can support those that are in it to feel confident, happy and supported through life. This is what education does.

What is your magic place, where you go to relax and unwind?

I don’t have one sadly now – something I am currently trying to reconnect with. I can pretend I do, isn’t that what all fancy upcoming entrepreneurs do now? But realistically I don’t. Life is a mess, its chaotic, I don’t do yoga and even forget to exercise. I smoke every now and then, drink lots of wine and my life balance is out of whack. But somehow it is what it is, and I think its beautiful and just the way its meant to be.

What has surprised you most about life?

How hard it is to buy a home and achieve your dream! I was determined (when I was that little girl) that I would have bought the mansion on the beachside by now, visited each and every country for a holiday and had the perfect wedding. Life for me went upside down, backwards and the right way.

I am fortunate enough now to be with the love of my life (he will like that I mentioned him), two beautiful children and to be buying our first home this year! It never goes the way you want it to, but I am a big believer everything happens for a reason.

What would you most like to change about your approach to life?

Nothing, I actually like the way things. Trying to achieve perfection and always looking for the end goal means we miss things in the middle. I am fortunate I realise our whole life is the middle – so I do tend to appreciate the little things in my day.

What had been a challenging experience of your life and what was the key for you to  overcome it?

My own mind would be my own challenge. I suffer from anxiety and at times depression. This leads to self doubt and sometimes skewed perceptions. I am also a very sensitive person. Good mental health is my main focus and I do spend time ensuring that I look after it.

Who do you admire most?

The women in my family. They are absolutely my rock, my inspiration and the reason I am an independent female with goals.

What advice would you give your younger self?


What is your life motto?

I snuck it in early, but ‘everything happens for a reason’. I do trust in the bigger universe (my hippy mum taught me that)!

What is your favourite comfort food?

Spaghetti Bolognaise of course!

What is the key for you to have a happy balanced life?

I haven’t found it, but when you do let me know. Mind you I have a happy life, just not balanced yet!

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