How to help your child with Separation anxiety

How to help your child with Separation anxiety Both my children suffered terribly from separation anxiety. I read lots tried everything and then finally spoke to a child psychologist. It is natural for young children to feel anxious when saying goodbye but my kids were always crying and having tantrums. Even when reassured that separation […] Read more…

Simplify your beauty routine with THEE Hydrate & Renew luxury face cream.

Passion, Drive and Knowledge – Jennifer Smyth

Who are you?  Jennifer Smyth is the director and founder of THEE® Australia, a boutique company designed to simplify beauty routines through luxurious products like the bestselling hydrate and renew face cream and now also 100% pure mulberry silk pillowslips and eye masks. Prior to establishing THEE® Australia, Jennifer co-founded Sydney’s famous Smyth & Fitzgerald […] Read more…

Natalie King – OOVY – It’s okay to dream big