How to help your child with Separation anxiety

How to help your child with Separation anxiety Both my children suffered terribly from separation anxiety. I read lots tried everything and then finally spoke to a child psychologist. It is natural for young children to feel anxious when saying goodbye but my kids were always crying and having tantrums. Even when reassured that separation […] Read more…

Simplify your beauty routine with THEE Hydrate & Renew luxury face cream.

Passion, Drive and Knowledge – Jennifer Smyth

Who are you?  Jennifer Smyth is the director and founder of THEE® Australia, a boutique company designed to simplify beauty routines through luxurious products like the bestselling hydrate and renew face cream and now also 100% pure mulberry silk pillowslips and eye masks. Prior to establishing THEE® Australia, Jennifer co-founded Sydney’s famous Smyth & Fitzgerald […] Read more…

Natalie King – OOVY – It’s okay to dream big

Kimberley Smith – The Fit Mummy Project

Shentel Lee “An Accidental Business”

Bringing Home Baby

Coping Tips for the first 6 weeks with your newborn.  Bringing home our first baby was the most exhilarating and terrifying experience.  It was our responsibility to keep our beloved baby alive, safe and well. The drive from the hospital to home with our precious cargo was nerve racking. When picking him up we did […] Read more…

Edith Öller – Träumeland

Who are you? My name is Edith and I am working as a Business Development Manager at Träumeland. Träumeland is a leading European brand for “breathing” (= ventilated) baby mattresses. We always try to be ahead of the market and we are expanding rather quickly. I’m involved in developing new products, new markets and the organization […] Read more…

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