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Who are you?

Have you ever had a time where you knew you “should” make a change however ignored the signs?  and kept ignoring the signs until the Universe stepped in and caused major upheaval so you had no choice other than to make a change……

Both professionally and personally I certainly have!  and not once yet SEVERAL times.  I “fell” into my career, starting off in administration I had wonderful mentors who believed in me.  I would find myself in sales only because of a manager who saw my potential and subsequently in management.

Whilst I had some great success and reached many goals, I felt incapable; I lacked self belief and self confidence and would question myself regularly.

In later years after being in roles which drained me and situations which were less than healthy, I was “kicked” out of the corporate world for the last time. This was replicated in my personal life, I lacked self confidence, self worth, self love and self respect. I questioned myself, failed to speak up and doubted myself.

If someone showed interest in me I would ignore the warning signs just happy that someone was willing to love me. Worst of all I lost who I was, morphing to be what the other person wanted me to be.  I sought external validation rather than just simply loving who I was and seeing the value I brought to the relationship.

At the same time I left the corporate world I also had a draining personal situation finalise and I took the opportunity to change my life; to follow my passion which was working with the unseen energies of the Universe and Spirit world. I was divinely guided to become a kinesiologist. The first day of class I didn’t even know what Kinesiology was however I “knew” I was meant to be there.

It was from that day my relationship began to change and it is a journey that is continually evolving. I’ve spent over 28 years developing her psychic medium and healing skills; which have themselves morphed to incorporate with what I do with Kinesiology, making it something special to experience.

What were your dreams for your future as a child?

My dreams as a child was to be a teacher and in a few ways I’ve achieved that. Recently I was presented with an opportunity to teach at NatureCare College. I’m still perplexed how or why they approached me, however the Universe does work in mysterious ways.

What is your wish for the world?

That we get back to basics and humankind respect one another.

What is your magic place, where you go to relax and unwind?

I don’t tend to go to a magic place per say however I make sure that I nurture myself by seeing my own kinesiologist and getting a massage or a pedicure.

What has surprised you most about life?

That if you don’t listen to your heart and make the necessary changes; change will be enforced on you. And that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What would you most like to change about your approach to life?

I would have liked to found my passion for learning a lot earlier in life and followed my heart. I’d like to trust in myself a lot more.

Tell us about a challenging experience in your life and what was the key for you to overcoming it?

My most challenging experience was going through the Family Court process. The key to overcoming it for me was to see the blessing in what it brought me.

Who do you admire most?

Brene Brown. I love her down to earth, no nonsense approach to how she delivers her message. As well as the messages and wisdom she imparts.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To love who I am and to have strong boundaries around what is right for me…as well as enforce those boundaries.

What is your life motto?

That everything has an equal and opposite reaction. That there are positives in negative experiences and negatives in positive experiences. It is when we can see both side of the equation that we find peace and balance.

What is the key for you?

They key for me is love. Our hearts emit more power frequencies than our brain, if we can remain in our heart space then we can create the life we desire.

Lisa Westerlaken Phone:  0407 696454 Web:  http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com

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