17155870_125187751341659_3797730116678777087_nWelcome to The Key For Me, which invites you to share your stories and hear the stories of others.

Through my personal experience and working with people over the last twenty years I have learned that the keys of transformation are always available to us even when we find ourselves in the darkest of places with no light to be seen.

The darkness itself offers us an opportunity for profound change, self-discovery and healing.

Often we shy away from telling our stories and revealing the deeper truths of our being, fearing judgement, shame or even condemnation.

However it is our willingness to be open and vulnerable that allows us to connect with the rich forces of our soul, connect more deeply with others, the environment and discover greater potentials awaiting us.

Having been a student of a number of different healing modalities including Transformational Kinesiology, Metaphysics, Meditation and Body Healing therapies my interests and practice includes delving into the stories we tell (and don’t tell) which reveal the keys to personal and spiritual transformation.

The stories that lay within us reflect the stories occurring outside of us and the keys of transformation are imbedded in our stories waiting to unlock infinite creative doorways of potential.

by Rosemary Sherro “The Key for Me”

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