Julia Wheeler Photography-142Who are you? 

My name is Kimberley Smith. I am a former corporate lawyer and professional netball player. In 2011 I swapped the court / court room for a career in health and fitness. I am now a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher specialising in postnatal wellbeing. I am also a Mum to two little girls.

In 2016 I launched the postnatal fitness and wellbeing hub http://www.kimmysmithfit.com.

 Tell us about your business?

In addition to my website, I recently released the Fit Mummy Project Guides and App.  The Fit Mummy Project App is the complete postnatal fitness and wellbeing App for Mums. It contains over 35 postnatal fitness, yoga, strength, barre and meditation videos that Mums can do from home with little or no equipment. The Fit Mummy Project Guides complement the App to provide new Mums with all the knowledge and inspiration they need to begin to really care for their own health and wellbeing.

What inspired you to get started? 

I wanted to create a post natal fitness and wellbeing program that helps mums to return to exercise in a positive and safe way.  I wanted something that would help Mums to shift their focus to creating a beautiful, fit and strong new body rather than trying to “bounce back.”

And I wanted a program that covered all the aspects of post natal wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and self-love.  I think the Fit Mummy Project is all of that.

What is your biggest goal? 

My goal is to have a thriving business that connects and inspires women all around the world to feel confident, happy and healthy. I would love to create a whole range of tools that Mums can use at all stages of their motherhood journey.

I want to be able to that whilst still having the time to care for my own health and wellbeing and spend quality time with my family.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? 

My family is my greatest achievement. Sometimes I just look at my girls playing and I can’t believe that we (my husband and I) created them. I feel so lucky to have them.

The release of the Fit Mummy Project App has been my greatest business achievement to date. It sold over 1,000 Apps in the first 4 weeks of release and launched at No.3 on the Australian App Store for Health and Fitness.

What was the key for you to overcome a challenge?

I had so much self-doubt in the lead up to releasing the FMP App. I was quite heavily invested in it and I kept thinking;

“What if no-one likes it. What if I am totally mistaken about this.”

I realised that the doubt was holding me back. It was causing me to make bad business decisions and to play small. I had to move beyond it.

I did this through using meditation as a tool to see that the outcome actually had nothing to do with me. I couldn’t control whether people would like it or not.  All I could do was to create the best product I could using the tools I had available to me at the time.

I don’t think I completely got rid of the doubt, but I allowed it to sit alongside the trust I had in myself and what I was creating.

During the times when you feel lacking in motivation, what helps you get motivated? 

 I feel so driven to do what I do that I never really struggle with motivation. It is the opposite. I would work on my business all day long if I could. I often feel that motivation holds us back more than it propels us forward.

If you clearly understand what you are trying to achieve, and why that is important to you (and to others), you won’t need to rely on motivation.

I also find breaking down big tasks into manageable chunks helps. I’m not very tech-y. Creating the App felt really overwhelming. But I just broke it down. I need to create videos.  OK, what is involved in that. OK, what can I do to get that one part moving forward….. and so on and so on.

 What is your favourite song for getting motivated? 

I love Freedom by Pharrell Williams. It is in the new Despicable Me movie!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by anyone who is living their life authentically and fully. I love watching people who are passionate about what they do. Passion is contagious. I also love listening to Marie Forleo to create a heart entered business.

If you could live in any era of fashion, which would if be?

Now. I love the fact that we can pick and chose any fashion from any era and make it cool. If now is cheating, then maybe the 70’s. Big everything!

What item in your wardrobe would you say you cannot live without?

Yoga pants. I live in them all day long. They are my fashion staple. Pair with a singlet or a crisp white shirt and they still look good. And are comfy. You never know when you are going to need to drop into a Down Dog.

What is your life motto or positive affirmation?

I am creating a business and life that I love. This reminds me that I am in control of my life and stops me sinking into a victim mentality. It also reminds me to consciously chose projects and collaborations that inspire me and are aligned with my values and purpose.

Have you ever had a disappointment that ended up leading you to something wonderful?

So many. I always wanted to play in the Australian Diamonds. I made the Squad twice, but never the final 12. I think that having the knowledge that, that dream didn’t come true and my life is still pretty amazing made me realise that no matter what happens, I will still be OK.  Or better than OK.

What do you like to do with your free time?

Move! I love moving my body. I love being in nature and I love being around other positive people. Moving outside with my friends is my perfect combination. And of course, spending time with my family.


Kimmy Smith is the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App – the complete post-natal fitness and wellbeing App. Kimmy is also an ex-professional athlete, fitness instructor, qualified yoga teacher and mother to two girls. Kimmy is on a mission to support and empower women to embrace the journey of motherhood. In 2016, Kimmy launched the postnatal fitness and wellbeing hub, http://www.kimmysmithfit.com, an online destination that encompasses fitness, food and healthy mindset essentials including tips, advice, workouts, meal plans and recipes. It aims to help all new mums create a beautiful, fit and strong new body and life.

Connect with Kimmy:

Facebook: @fitmummysquad

Instagram: @kimmysmithfit

Website http://www.kimmysmithfit.com


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