Who are you?  We grew up together in country NSW and now live in Sydney’s east. We are busy working Mums, juggling jobs, husbands, households and five children between us. FIONA: I am a country girl with a love of the ocean. I grew up on a farm and the nearest corner store was 30km away, I always envied my friends in town who could walk to a shop or a friend’s house, while they envied the animals, adventures and wide-open spaces. At 18 I left home and was the first in my family to graduate from university. Even at that age I understood that self-development led to opportunity and choice. After living in Sydney for 3 years I spent everything I had on a solo 9-month trip around Europe. I’d never even been out of Australia but stayed in London for 7 years, I travelled, worked and made memories but something was always missing. I returned to Australia with a Swedish husband who couldn’t understand why being on the beach would bring me to tears; I couldn’t believe life could get any better than this and I was finally home.   SHARON: I grew up in a small country town, but always wanted to move to the city. At 17 when I finished school and saved up for my car, I packed up all my belongings and headed to Sydney. I loved the hustle and bustle; the constant movement of life was mesmerizing. I was immediately drawn to the ocean suburbs and have always lived within a short distance to a beach. Seeing all the different cultures together in Sydney inspired me to get out and travel the world more, which is also where I started my love of international cuisine. I try and pass this curiosity of other cultures onto my children, and we take family holidays to as many different destinations as we can.  Tell us about your business? We coach people to become the healthiest and best versions of themselves. We created an online platform called Isatime.com that combines the use of nutritional cleansing systems with coaching, support and an online community. The key to reaching and maintaining your health and wellness goals is accountability, support and education. What inspired you to get started?  FIONA: We both had a great product experience and recognised that coupled with expert advice and guidance, it was a great lifestyle choice for busy men and women. The business happened organically, because we noticed a change – we wanted to create a platform for people to contact us without making it weird. We’re not salespeople and we don’t try to convince or pressure people, we wait until they are ready. Our business is growing and allowing us to work towards a balance of busy family life, working, exercise and nutrition. SHARON: I’m a digital freelancer and I love what I do, but life was hectic and my husband travelled a lot.  I was often putting my own needs last and finding myself tired and lacking energy.  I was getting short and snappy with my children and recognised that something needed to change. I was actually introduced to nutritional cleansing by Fiona, and before I knew it my mental clarity had improved, I had energy and I was sleeping sounder. I can balance my new business with the needs of my family, allowing me to work less and spend more quality time together.  I feel a lot better too.  As a result we can afford more holidays and provide our family with more opportunities to connect and create memories.  And I like that I can provide others with an opportunity to improve their quality of life too. What is your main goal?  FIONA: For me it’s freedom, both financially and physically. Right now, I’m a Marketing Director in the corporate world and have a team that I love and a job that challenges me – but I trade all my time for money. I want the flexibility to work anytime from anywhere in the world. With Isatime I’m able to build a business in the pockets of my time and replace my income. I’m not only building a legacy for my family, but I am passionate about helping others. SHARON: It’s to share the gift of good nutrition and bring the same balance to others as it has done to us. I need to keep myself healthy and strong to support my family, I am the emotional backbone of the family.  Growing up, you were encouraged to eat everything on your plate and your 3 meals each day were meat and carb heavy, so it’s debunking a lot of that and re-educating people about nutrition and balance. What has been your greatest achievement to date?   FIONA: I’ve coached my beautiful sister who has lost 28kg. She looks and feels fantastic but more than that, she has regained her health and vitality and I am incredibly proud of her and her commitment to her wellness journey. Away from Isatime it would have to be my two beautiful boys, watching them grow and seeing the world through their eyes is fascinating. SHARON: Raising three children under 4 years of age, while my husband worked full time with frequent travel and studied for his MBA was not without it’s challenges – but we got through it and have created a balanced, healthy, fun family life. As a working mum how do you find calm in the chaos? FIONA: I did Peter Jacksons calm birth course when I was pregnant (I’d heard the horror stories and didn’t want that to be my story) and I still use those breathing techniques daily. But the 30-minute drive to work is truly my only alone time during the week, so I listen to podcasts, TED talks and sometimes even a little ACDC. Everyday is different. SHARON: I like to run and use this as a good time out for myself; it helps clear my mind and its great to tune out with some music, get some fresh air and enjoy pushing my physical limits. I always reserve some quiet time to reflect and meditate, as I believe this creates a more holistic version of myself. During the times when you feel lacking in motivation, what helps you get motivated?  FIONA: Reflection – seeing all the people we have helped through Isatime keeps me motivated and fired up to keep on going. It is very inspirational to watch people take back control of their lives and move forward with purpose. You only get one life, so live it. SHARON: Transformation from a health and financial perspective. People are able to change direction and reach their goals. To have had a positive impact in someone else’s life is a real privilege.  What is your favourite song for getting motivated?   FIONA: Break My Stride – Unique II SHARON: Young Folk – Peter Björn and John Who inspires you?  FIONA: Michelle Obama, what a woman. She inspires and empowers women and those arms, wowsers! SHARON: Everyday heroes, who lift themselves up and are strong enough to help others. People who are unhappy or need a change and make that change inspire me – they create the life they want. What is your magic place, where you go to relax and unwind?  Fiona – Dahab, Egypt. The diving is amazing and the people are beautiful. Cafes line the oceans edge and Bob Marley plays on the radio while the shisha pipes bubble in the background. Closer to home it’s Coogee Beach, there’s nothing quite like watching the waves crash over wedding cake island. SHARON: The beach always relaxes me, whether is a run along the beach or spending time there with my family. I like to chill and you’ll often find me floating feet first beyond the break zone. What advice would you give your younger self?  FIONA: With new information you can always change your mind. It’s a big world out there, be brave enough to go out and make the most of it.  Don’t limit yourself because there’s nothing you can’t do! SHARON: Don’t worry what other people think; their opinion is their own. What is your life motto or positive affirmation? do not stop running FIONA: – I strive to be a great example for younger women in the workforce through leading by example. SHARON: – Never stop running – never give up! When she was 5 years old, my daughter created a poster for me and stuck it to my bedroom wall, I love it and is a great reminder to never give up. Have you ever had a disappointment that ended up leading you to something wonderful? FIONA: I was on the Greek IsIand of Rhodes and missed an overnight ferry to Mykonos. Knowing we had a long journey and many ferry changes ahead my friend and I headed to a taverna for dinner and to make a plan. There, we met a yacht crew who were looking for deck hands and guinea pigs to taste their new chefs dishes – we stayed for 6 weeks. Got paid, got fit and made lifelong friends! SHARON: Many moons ago and fresh out of a long-term relationship, I won tickets to a Sydney Swans game only to discover that I would be sitting with people from work. I hadn’t been to the AFL before and was not overly enthused to be spending my Sunday afternoon with work colleagues, as I was still not feeling very social – but it turned out to be a fun afternoon and at this game I met my future husband. What do you like to do with your free time? FIONA: I like to try new things and will try anything twice. Last year I did a triathlon, my birthday present was surfing  lessons and I would like to write a book. I also love researching holidays and dreaming of the next adventure with my husband and young sons. SHARON: I am a natural organiser and avid user of technology. I’m always looking at new ways to integrate technology and make our lives run more efficiently. I like to travel and am happiest outdoors; camping, skiing and at the beach. We also host regular events called Healthy Happy Hour! If you’re interested in nutritional cleansing, finding out how you can create your own business or simply want to meet new people, contact us to find out the detail for our next event being held in Coogee. We are very inclusive and everyone is welcome! SaveSave SaveSave

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