Who are you? The girl next door, with two kids trying to survive. Currently I’m just keeping head just above water in the struggle to manage my work/family life balance. Tell us about your business? OOVY® is a high quality, hip unisex minimalistic apparel label for kids with attitude. Oovy quickly grew as a worldwide brand in the kids fashion industry with stockists & customers from around the globe. With Oovy Little fashionistas can be part of the in-crowd offering sizes ranging from newborn to 8yrs. What inspired you to get started?  The struggle was real! I started Oovy a little more than two and a half yrs ago when I was bed bound following giving birth to my second child (a story for another day).  Unable to physically go out to get my newborn son some cool new baby clothes, I started designing my fabrics on spoonflower and sewing them myself before I could walk again. My son inspired me, to not get depressed with my condition by focusing on him and the business (and it worked). Unable to keep up with demand, I moved the businesses manufacturering to China. What is your main goal?  To better manage my work life balance whilst remaining a stay at home mum enabling me spend as much time as possible with my young family. What has been your greatest achievement to date?  My biggest achievement in life is the family I have created and the happiness my two kids and husband bring me. Outside of family I have already achieved so much in my lifetime. However opening up my own humanitarian organization, living in Kenya and working with orphans of AIDS victims would have to be my up there as far as my greatest achievement. I managed to get donations prior to leaving to fill a 40ft container, consisting of school equipment, computers, sports equipment, uniforms, books etc to Kenya and on my own once there I divided the donations amongst more than twenty orphanages, finding volunteers along my journey to help me. It was a massive job being a young blonde trying to get a shipment out of the port of Mombasa without it being raided or scammed. Corruption was rife there at the time. But I did it and feel proud of my resolve in doing so. The impact those kids made in my life is priceless, I only hope my contribution through my time and efforts made a comparable impact on theirs. Now I spend lots of time getting containers from ports filled with kid’s clothes for my brand shipped to Australia. Who would have thought, it’s funny how things work out… As a working mum how do you find calm in the chaos? Calm in the chaos… mm well that doesn’t really happen. I’m so sleep deprived, I even started drinking coffee last week for the first time as 8 cups of tea a day wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Drawing with my kids, playing board games or going for a swim at the beach down the road helps us all have a laugh and relax a little. During the times when you feel lacking in motivation, what helps you get motivated?  I never have a lack of motivation. I would say my issue is more that I don’t know when to stop. Before kids I would go to the Nan Tien Temple down on the south coast twice a year, it was the one thing that would motivate me and help me clear my head, especially before exams. It’s 2-3 days of no talking, vego food, thai chi, and lots of meditation. Always felt amazing afterwards. What is your favourite song for getting motivated?  One song that motivates me and that reminds me of my childhood and is a nice positive song that brightens my day is ‘Everyday People’ by Arrested Development. However it’s generally the sounds of my kids voices in the morning that motivates me, gets me up after the long hours during the night! Who inspires you? Angelina Jolie, she empowers other women with her strength to care for her 6 kids, have a successful career and juggle her humanitarian work. Hats off to her! Plus she is effortlessly beautiful in every way. What is your magic place, where you go to relax and unwind?  Locally it would be Bondi, or Coogee beach.  Going down to the beach for a swim or just building sand castles with the kids is my happy place. For a proper unwind locally I love heading away to Port Stephens and overseas Thailand holds a special place in my heart as I have traveled there many times and it is where I got married. Exploring new islands there is my dream relaxing holiday. What advice would you give your younger self?  It’s okay to dream big. Dreams can happen if you work hard at achieving them. What is your life motto or positive affirmation?When in doubt, Travel. To travel is to live! Have you ever had a disappointment that ended up leading you to something wonderful? My last winter collection sold out of some favorite styles in the first week, So I tried to get my manufacturer to make more and they said no they were too busy. Not good enough for me, I flew to China the next week and visited many new factories ensuring they were ethical, and could deliver a product I would be proud of. This was the best move I ever made. It has really allowed me to grow the business in many new ways. What do you like to do with your free time? Free time??? I have kids and a busy business I don’t ever get free time (Ha Ha). When I’m totally exhausted and can’t work another late night, I like some quiet time on the couch with hubby watching Netflix or a movie. It previously was going to yoga, pilates or doing a gym workout but I’ve been so busy the last few months I haven’t had time to do anything for myself. So sadly these classes have taken a back seat of late. I do love to entertain, so a big bbq at our house is my favorite thing to do with friends. When it goes into the night with a bit of ‘Cards against Humanity’ once the kids go down, you know it’s going to be a good night! 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