Living with a teenager, guided meditation Living with a teenager, something drastically changed earlier in the year when my little girl started high school. She turned into some new creature that rolls her eyes at everything I say and do. Seemingly overnight I’ve become an embarrassment to her.  My dress sense is criticised, I lack understanding, am accused of being mean, and am ridiculed for my style of supposedly too formal texting.  Apparently I have no idea how hard her life is. It must be tough for the poor little dear. Iphone on her bedside table, laptop on the floor while she’s watching Netflix on her ipad.  Life’s tough right! Good God, why had nobody warned me about this? A new and NOT improved attitude has been birthed.  Some crazy hormones have exploded in her body, travelled up to her brain, infiltrated the sweet little mind that once adored me and the transformation to teenager has begun. OMG! That would probably embarrass her too. Is “OMG” old people talk?  I’m seriously afraid of this emotionally volatile child/woman. We don’t see eye to eye on anything at the moment, although we should, given that we are currently the exact height.  It won’t be long before she’ll be towering over me. I’m comforted by fleeting moments of the little girl that still wants cuddles from her mamma, but all too soon miss cranky pants pounces out. Before my very eyes I am witnessing the metamorphosis of a little girls mind and body to what will eventually be a woman’s mind and body.  I remember being that age, it was crazy. It all felt so intense, amplified and confusing. This time of growth, questioning, heightened sensitivity and self-discovery is a critical part of her journey as it is for every other teenager. With the added challenges of being exposed to social media it’s imperative that I keep her grounded as best I can.  We talk a lot even though there’s a fair amount of screaming too. Living with a teenager I’m learning to pick my battles. Puberty will only last so long but it got me thinking about how we are in a state of constant change and how these changes affect our mental state of being. We are always changing even though the teenage years are probably the most obvious and dramatic due to the rapid physical changes our bodies undergo. We’re raised with the idea that life is a series of milestones that we smoothly tick off one by one.  Finish your studies, find a job, get into a relationship, work on your career, get married, buy a property, have a family and enjoy the ride. Living with a teenager the ride is usually much bumpier than we could ever have anticipated.  We may not find a person that we fall in love with, we may hate the career we find ourselves in, we get divorced, we can’t have kids, we’re drowning in debt, we have health issues, we suffer loneliness, low self esteem etcetera, etcetera.  Life can be tricky and at times downright horrible which can impact our mindset in drastic ways.  How we handle and perceive life’s challenges is what makes the difference between a life of joy and a life of misery. Mental health is a big issue of our times which is why it’s so important that we incorporate daily practices of self-care and caring for our minds whether it be meditation, mindfulness or exercise. We often don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head until things begin to unravel for them. Addictions, mental breakdowns, anxiety, depression, just to name a few. This can play out at any time in one’s life. Our minds change with hormones but it also highlights for me the importance of understanding and caring for our minds.  How do we do that?  Exercise, connect with nature, engage with other people, eat well, challenge your mind, meditate, try new things, keep moving, keep doing, smile, love, laugh. We can do these things at any age.

Learning to care and nurture your mind is key to a healthy mindset.

We have a selection of meditations that will help you, your friends and family adopt the art of mental care. Learn more about our guided mediation programs and the “Key for Me” app. Uplift – Mini Meditation Duration 11:35 Categories: energising, stress management, calming Suitable for the whole family and children will enjoy this short mediation. Ideal for when you need of an energy boost.  This meditation journey will help you gather your energies to reenergise, refresh and reset. An invigorating meditation helping you dislodge and release any heavy stagnant energy from your body and mind.  Rosemary Sherro Key Mindfulness – the “Key for Me”

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