Rosemary Sherro, meditation and mindfulnessLive a More Empowered Life with Mindfulness and Meditation

What’s in your Head? Tell me what’s going on in your head? What are you thinking right now? What were you thinking an hour ago? A day go? A week ago? A month ago? More likely than not you are pretty much thinking the same thing day in and out and hoping that somehow….maybe…..someway……things are going to change. One day you’ll be more relaxed, happier, energised, in control, motivated, skinnier, disciplined etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. NEWSFLASH…. It’s all in your head but it doesn’t stay in your head.  What’s in your head flows out into the world around you, shaping all that you experience. Happy head, happy life.  Sad head, sad life.  Worried head, worried life.  Peaceful head, peaceful life.  You get the picture. Rosemary Sherro, meditation and mindfulness The key is getting into your head and CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING how and what you are thinking. How you think is a reflection of how you live.  It’s as simple as that.  Rather than letting your mind and your same old thoughts and same old ways control you, you have the power of directing your mind to open to new thoughts, new ways and new worlds. Think of people that you know or have read about that live Big lives.  The difference between them and others is that they have Big thoughts. They dare to think big, dream big and hence live big.  You may not want a big life, you may want to experience a more simple life, or a more creative life or a more adventurous life.  It all begins with what’s going on in your head. So if you are wanting to change things up in your life start with knowing what’s going on in your head because what’s going on in your head determines what goes on around you. The great news is that you are more than capable of doing this.  Just dedicate a few minutes a day and watch the changes come your way. The Key For Me Meditation app offers a variety of meditations and hypnosis programmes to support you in your quest to live a more empowered life.   Join us and the many others that are embracing the journey of mental wellness so that together we create a better world. Breath Focus – Mini Meditation  Duration 11:54 Categories: breathing exercises, focus, calming A short meditation using the simple technique of focusing on your breathing to promote mental and physical relaxation.  An ideal meditation to do if you find visualisation a struggle.  Great to do anytime you feel the need to reset and refocus. Get Centred – Mini Meditation  Duration: 8:03 Categories: grounding, motivational, helps focus When you’re feeling scattered, don’t know what to do next or feeling unmotivated this is the meditation for you.  This meditation guides you to the centre of your mind so that you can experience a more focused, clear and calm state of being. Uplift – Mini Meditation Duration 11:35 Categories: energising, stress management, calming Suitable for children Ideal for those days that you feel in need of an energy boost.  This meditation journey will help you gather your energies to reenergise, refresh and reset. An invigorating meditation helping you dislodge and release any heavy stagnant energy from your body and mind.  Rosemary Sherro Key Mindfulness – the “Key for Me” Rosemary Sherro, meditation and mindfulness

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