I have just finished reading “Stop Thinking Start Living” by Richard Carlson. This book is a must-read for when you are feeling blue. The teachings in the book can instantly change your mindset.

I believe many people could benefit from this book I have briefly summarised the main points, as I believe the common-sense strategies in this book is enough to change your mood and life your spirits. 

Some people have everything they need in life. A great partner and kids, money, house, job they have it and yet they are unhappy. True happiness does not come from these things, it comes from within. Some people despite having not great circumstances don’t experience unhappiness, they are able to make the best of whatever situation they are in. 

We can create our own happiness and conversely our own misery. 

Happiness is a state of mind and is not created by your circumstances. 

Happiness comes from within not from external sources.

Our thoughts create our emotions. Negative thoughts are the cause of our negative emotions.

Unhappiness is created by negative thinking. Thinking always comes back to you as a feeling.

Your emotions are created by your thoughts not by an event but how we choose to perceive the event. If we choose to think differently it will make us feel differently. Negative unproductive thoughts are the cause of all your negative emotions. Unhappiness is a feeling that accompanies your negative thinking. When you have negative thoughts you use them against yourself. You become the victim of your own thinking. 

There is only one way out of this negative loop and that is to understand that you are the one doing the thinking and that you own thinking is creating your pain not anything else.

Happiness occurs when you are able to quiet your analytical mind. Let your negative thoughts have a rest. Realise that your negative thoughts are creating your unhappiness and pain.

The more attention you give to the negative things in your life the worst you are going to feel.

You own thinking causes your suffering. When you realise that your thinking is creating your pain and sadness you are on your way to freedom. Looping on your problem is like adding salt to a wound.

Train yourself to tap into your happier state. Protect and shield yourself from unhappiness by viewing negative events in a more positive light and try to find hope and optimism in your life.You will not find the light by studying the dark.

Decide what you want for your life, write down and meditate on what is going to bring you joy and happiness. Acknowledge what brings you pain and unhappiness then move forward and then do everything in your power to let it go.

Thinking about what is causing you pain and your problems from the past will only lead to more unhappiness. Focusing on what is causing you to feel unhappy will not bring you happiness. 

Your goal is to feel better not stay stuck in your sadness and disappointment. 

You have the power to control your own thinking. As you learn to let go and dismiss negative thoughts that are interfering with your well-being you will begin to feel better and in turn set a new more positive cycle. Allow any negative feelings to simply drift away and replace them with optimism and hope. 

Many people emotionally torcher themselves with their own thinking.

Wisdom is seeing a problem in a new fresh way. When you discover this you will free yourself of the bad habit of unproductive thinking and move yourself towards a happier and mentally healthy future and be able to find inner peace. 

If you truly want to be happy then you must stop focusing on your negative thoughts and feelings and start looking for the magical feeling of happiness and forgiveness that resides within you. Choose love over negativity

Your experience of life is related to where you choose to focus your attention. If you focus your thoughts on your problems, your experience of life will consist of problems. When you learn to move your focus away from your problems and the wrongs you have experienced in your life you will find yourself noticing more beauty and kindness in your life. 

It is a choice and you can free your mind for more creative and productive thoughts. You become what you think. If you think about the disappointment, pain and problems that is what you will feel.

Gratitude protects you from negative thought

Choose instead to tap into gratitude and the happiness in your life. Begin by looking at what is right in your life. Focus on feeling grateful every day even if you do not feel like it, because focusing on gratitude will lift your mood and raise your spirit. 

Choose love, peace and contentment. Choose to feel happy rather than frustrated and sad. 

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