Steps to achieving your goals? A great way to achieve your goals is to create habits around them. Making small achievable goals that fit into your daily life allows you to turn your goals into reality. Goal setting and changing our behavior is not easy. We need to find strategies and develop habits to help us stick to our goals long term. Habits are a very effective way to take action. Start by making small changes that do not require too much motivation or effort to complete but can make a big impact on your life. Small goals are more attainable. A small habit that is simple and easy to do daily, that does not require too much motivation to achieve and can easily become part of persons daily routine and are easier for us to turn into habits that can small snowball to support us to achieve and to build up to a larger goal habit. Once you get started on a new positive habit or pattern it changes the neural pathways in your brain to keep you going. Creating habits help you reach the desired goals you want. Studies have shown by making it a habit to think and visualize your goals in as much detail as possible and when doing this engaging all your senses, feel the feeling of what you will feel once you have achieved your desires will support you to achieve them in reality. Examples of habits that can support you to commit to action achieving goals are:
  • Visualising your goal and purpose daily – what you want for the future
  • Writing a gratitude list daily to put you in a positive mindset that makes you more likely to take action
  • Every day say Positive affirmations to support your goal
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Exercise – even short walks every day
  • Meditation & Mindfulness – start with a guided meditation
  • Savoring the things in life that bring you joy
  • Deep breathing is very calm
  • Listening to motivational audio
  • Reading
  • Going to bed 30 minutes earlier
  • Have fun with it

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