Simplify your beauty routine with THEE Hydrate & Renew luxury face cream.

Passion, Drive and Knowledge – Jennifer Smyth

Who are you?  Jennifer Smyth is the director and founder of THEE® Australia, a boutique company designed to simplify beauty routines through luxurious products like the bestselling hydrate and renew face cream and now also 100% pure mulberry silk pillowslips and eye masks. Prior to establishing THEE® Australia, Jennifer co-founded Sydney’s famous Smyth & Fitzgerald […] Read more…

business mums

6 Business Growth Hacks From Australian Baby & Kids Business Owners

Starting your own business can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, you have the advice of 6 Australian business owners on how they helped their business to grow. Sarah Morrissey | Little Rockers Radio On making connections: “My biggest business growth ‘hack’ is really a great strategy rather than a hack – Build Partnerships. When […] Read more…


All over the world women are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and starting businesses for themselves. Woman have had an enough of not getting equal pay, not having flexibility to be there for their children and not reaching their full potential. Women are realising if they want a work life/balance and success then they have to create […] Read more…