IMG_4483All over the world women are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and starting businesses for themselves. Woman have had an enough of not getting equal pay, not having flexibility to be there for their children and not reaching their full potential.

Women are realising if they want a work life/balance and success then they have to create their own destiny and career.

How many times have we heard or witness a woman who is fully qualified for a position or a promotion or a pay rise get rejected over a man less qualified and less capable. Women still have to do more than men to prove themselves.

Although the gender pay gap is decreasing and some businesses are making big changes, it still has not gone far enough in most work places as the bias against women is so ingrained.

According the Jim Edwards of the Finacial Review  “the majority of the pay gap is not caused by sexist rates of pay. It’s caused by women choosing to have children…” (2016)

Men choose to have children too but this does not effect their careers.

The inequality has a very positive and powerful effect with the rise of women doing it for themselves so they can create a life that they choose.

Women are not waiting patiently for society to slowing change.

Women are making changes for ourselves. Women working for themselves have an opportunity to make changes for other women in society and to setting an example for everyone of what should be standard.

We can create our own careers and live  lives that work for us.

Eugenie Pepper “The Key For Me”

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