Most single mothers didn’t plan on being single Mum’s.

The fact that women find themselves in this position generally indicates that there must have been something lacking in their relationship in the first place.

Looking at it from this angle means that by no longer being in a dysfunctional relationship or a relationship that no longer fuels us we are already richer.  There is no questioning how challenging it is being a single mum, in my experience it was far more challenging being a mum in a relationship that no longer served me.

My daughter blossomed after I left her father.  I knew I had to do it to enrich her life.  While the financial set backs have been great the emotional and mental benefits have been outstanding.

Witnessing me in an unfulfilled and abusive relationship was not enriching to her soul or her personal growth.  The greatest gift I have been able to give my daughter is the lesson of honouring and respecting oneself.

It took me a long time to gather the courage to leave, while we face challenges every day I know that I have paved the way for both of us to experience greater peace and tranquility.

We experience a far more peaceful life now and for that alone it is all worth it. We should not accept living in dysfunction, unhappiness or abuse.  Our children learn from what they experience and what they observe, I owed it to my precious daughter to show her not to accept the unacceptable.

A loving, caring, nurturing environment is what every adult and child deserves.   Anything less is living an emotionally impoverished life.

The riches from living in a loving environment are infinite.


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