Wonderful Tips for Taking Care Of Your Children When They’re Sick Whether it’s a stomach bug getting them down or just a plain old head-cold there’s nothing glamorous about taking care of your child when they get sick. Plenty of rest, staying hydrated and medicines for the symptoms are all tried and true techniques. So here’s a few tips you may not have heard.   Getting plenty of rest is going to support your child’s immune system while they recover so keeping the activities low on the energy scale is ideal. Toys such as dollhouses and activity tables are great for keeping sick kids entertained. Set them up with pretend play sets for hours of restful fun. Julie Lang from Bricks 4 Kidz has a few more ideas to keep you both quietly entertained:
  • Watch a science documentary
  • Write a story together
  • Bring out the photo albums
  • Read aloud to them
For Julie’s full article click here, or follow on Facebook and Twitter. Taking Care Of Your Children When They’re Sick through Soothing them with meditation It’s fairly common for children who are not feeling well to become distressed. A good way to relax them is with simple meditation. Eugenie Pepper from The Key For Me uses this method: “I guide my children through short meditations. The meditation works by relaxing them and managing their discomfort and emotions. It is perfect for kids that become distressed when not feeling well. I also add in positive suggestions or affirmations for instance “you are getting better, better and better”. I start by saying close your eyes and relax, and your muscles are relaxing starting from the tips of your toes and I take them through their body. Or sometimes I will say “a white light is shining on you healing your sore throat” etc. It really works for my kids and great to use it they fall over and hurt themselves. I am trained as a hypnotherapist but any parent can do it.” Looking after your child when they’re sick is one of the least enjoyable aspects of parenting, mostly because you can’t stand to see them in pain. Try out one of these strategies next time you have to play doctor to make the experience easier on you and them. Read More For more tips on taking care of your children when they’re sick SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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