Dawn Cady was in pain.

She’d been in pain as long as she could remember. Even when she was a child, growing up in England, she was what was called ‘sickly’.

Time passed, and Dawn married and then became pregnant. After several bouts of kidney infections, Dawn, who was then 16 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with a kidney disease. One day, when she was 5 ½ months pregnant, Dawn slipped and fell, ending up with eleven injuries.

After her son, Alfie, was born, Dawn started taking a cocktail of painkillers to ease her constant excruciating pain, in addition to the drugs she was consuming daily to manage several auto-immune diseases.

Dawn finally decided that she’d had enough and was determined to get off her medications.

Pain Management

No more pills.

No more pain killers.

No more waking each morning in pain, feeling ill; feeling like death warmed up.

She set to work, researching the drugs that had been part of her life for so long. Gradually, she stopped taking a few drugs, then removed even more. It was like two steps forward and BOOM – then it was two steps back. As soon as she started to progress and have a little peace, she was hit by something new.

“I was clocking up more ailments than any sane person could deal with, and eventually it got the better of me,” said Dawn. “The chronic pain was just too much and I had a nervous breakdown.”

Dawn Found a way to Heal herself

With her innate fighting spirit, Dawn pulled herself up again, only to fall even harder – and she was told that nothing could be done for her. Even worse was that medical people didn’t take her critical situation seriously.  “It’s all in your head” she was told patronisingly, over and over. And those words hurt. They hurt deeply.

Lucky for Dawn, she is stubborn. She started again, slowly, to heal herself; to remove all drugs from her life.  She went from living in constant pain and dependence on medical drugs to what seems now like a totally different existence.  She closed the door on pain and stepped out into a light, bright and wonderful world.

Dawn made a promise to herself, back when she was 22. Her promise? “When I find the way to heal myself, I will show and help as many people as I possibly can.”

That’s why Dawn is here now, to share her story and her knowledge – with you. To help you change your life from one of pain to one of purpose.

“I never break promises –  not even those I make to myself”.  Dawn Cady


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