Guided Meditations for mums Benefits of Meditation For Mums  Being a mum is commonly accompanied with the feeling of constantly being pulled in a million different directions.  Juggling responsibilities, work, trying to be there for family and friends, coupled with a feeling of unshakeable exhaustion it’s easy to lose sight of yourself. Sometimes making it through the day intact seems like a monumental achievement.  Your weary bones cherish the quiet moments of lying in bed as your head churns through the items pending on your to do list, and there are many. You tell yourself you “should” eat better, you “should” exercise and you “should” get to bed earlier, but let’s face it with everything else on your plate you just do what you can. When my daughter came into the world I would often hear the words “I’m so tired” tumble out of my mouth whenever anybody asked me how I was.  I craved sleep more than I craved chocolate but even when I did manage to get some sleep I’d still wake up feeling tired and foggy and then I’d eat chocolate! Prior to having my daughter meditation was part of my routine which offered a deeper dimension to my life, allowing me to experience a nourishing stillness and inner calm that sustained me through all of life’s ups and downs.  Once my beautiful little screaming cherub came into the world I let my practice slip away preferring to get some sleep over meditating.  While getting some shut eye was always helpful it didn’t help ease my frenetic and foggy mind. I didn’t like the way I was feeling or thinking so I began to incorporate mini meditations into my day. Those five to ten minutes made a big difference in clearing my mind, relaxing my body and giving me a feeling of inner calm even when chaos reigned.  This allowed me to be more present and enjoy the journey of being a mother more fully. My daughter is older now and she respects mummy’s meditation time. I guide her through short meditation journey’s to help her cope with life’s challenges and hope that she too will incorporate it as a steadfast tool to carry her through life. It’s such a natural way to use the power of our mind to cleanse, nurture and realign. For me meditation takes the edge off everything, gives me a greater perspective, and promotes a feeling of inner wellbeing.  It’s like my heart and soul take in a deep refreshing breath and exhale the noise, clutter and stress that I unknowingly hold onto. I can really tell the difference on the days when I don’t meditate. Meditation for Women We all want to be the best parent we can be. Being more focussed, relaxed, less stressed, more present, engaged and happier within yourself and with life are qualities you can achieve with a small investment of your time. While the responsibilities and chores are not going to magically disappear there is a way to create a way of life that supports your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  As with any practice, the more you do the better you get at it. Benefits of Meditation for women With my beautiful friend and mother of two, Genie Pepper, we’ve designed some simple, enjoyable mini meditations for mums.  We have launched the “Key For Me” meditation app. Please feel free to try out some of our free meditations to get you started.  There is nothing to lose but a tremendous amount to gain that requires nothing more than a few minutes of your day.  It’s worth it. Benefits of meditation for mums “Key For Me” meditation app   SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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